8 thoughts on “One week to go

  1. Tina

    Good seeing you out enjoying your new outdoor space by the warmth of a fire. Good things did happen in 2020.

  2. Marti

    One week to go and I’m so appreciative that so many people in New Mexico have already voted because it is snowing heavily here, very early for New Mexico but it should lessen by tomorrow. Measured the snow against my kitchen glass door and it was over 7″, the most that I have ever seen here since we moved here 7 years ago.

    I’m taking it as a sign that it is nature’s way of cleansing…not the virus because our numbers and deaths are soaring…but maybe, cleansing the political air that surrounds us. As of today, over 562,000 have voted and we are a state of just a little over 2 million. So the snow is the treat but of course, there is always a trick and today it was noted that the local GOP has filed a suit against the processing of absentee ballots because they claim that poll watchers have been barred from watching some of the processing…

  3. Nancy

    Love that you have fire in your own yard. That primal element to warm the soul, along with the body.
    As for me. I’m so done with the election, my allergies, CA being on fire…
    Be well Dee and Strength to your brother.


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