Lost a little mojo

A warm day. Bones ache but I can walk, yes sir, I can walk. Didn’t sleep well last night but I’m home, yes sir, I’m home.

A friend delivered Thai food to us for dinner. How nice was that?

I may have finished my second draft this morning. How nice is that?

Completed last batch of Postcards to Voters tonight while watching a Miss Marple. A total of 450.

Pretty pooped. Waiting for the debate. Will have to catch you when I’ve got a little more juice.

PS A cold front is supposed to dump a lot of snow in the foothills of the Rockies this weekend. That’s a good thing.

9 thoughts on “Lost a little mojo

  1. Nancy

    Ah, here you are. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping your brother’s health is improving day by day. I think at this point, with all of the concerns of the world at large and your world, any amount of mojo or juice you show up with is enough. We have neighborhood skeletons too 🙂
    So glad you posted Dee. Be well.

  2. Liz A

    I voted yesterday, but I felt more grim determination than joy … such a difference from 2008

    I lasted 20 minutes last night … his very voice making my eye twitch … until I couldn’t take it anymore

    1. deemallon

      Yes. That visceral reaction to a being so vile, so transgressive, so stupid and loathsome. Even compiling adjectives for the pig is exhausting.

  3. Marti

    Nah, you didn’t lose your mojo, it may be a little more quiet at the moment but it is always with you because look at the photos you gave us, always sharing, even when tired, even when dealing with so much.

    Now then: May your brother continue to gain strength and heal.
    May your son be safe from the devastating fires in Colorado, a state that to me is simply wondrous. Snow is expected here in New Mexico I think around Tues so I’m sure it will blanket Colorado. Three years ago we had a family vacation in Estes Park, R and myself, our daughter Erika, son in law Adrian and our dearly beloved grands, Spencer and Rowena. Our daughter arranged for 4 days in an airb and b and off we went to explore Rocky Mtn National Park and then they all came here to New Mexico for a week.

    As for the final debate, didn’t watch, instead looked at a Halloween Youtube play list that my daughter arranged complete with many ghost tales from England, Ireland, Wales, witchcraft, monsters etc. Figured that any nightmare viewing that I watched from this playlist would be ok since we all have been living a collective nightmare these past four years so I am well fortified to watch monsters…

    1. deemallon

      Those parks are stunning. Such nice memories for you! It is snowing now in Colorado (Sunday morning). A good coating would be helpful. Hopefully the high winds won’t be a problem. Your Halloween playlist sounds delightful!

  4. Acey

    Watched the debate from beginning to end. J came in from his office a few times, blocked my view, and said “what’s he saying now.” Pretty much the ethos of my POV beyond a few times when it felt as if the hemispheres of my brain were going to snap apart like a candy bar.


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