Crossing the Sound

Massachusetts to Connecticut, from rain to sun. A glaring and beautiful fall day where shadows are so full of import, they could rule the world. Port Jefferson bound.

Random Ferry-riding Notes: I love Jamaica Kincaid and instinctively distrust men in pick up trucks. When life shrinks, it’s an invitation to examine what’s right before us. This is not 2016 and hope has a rational basis. Denial can serve a useful purpose in health care settings. Stroke mortality rates? Nope. Not now. Dogs are so smart. Pleading eyes as suitcases roll across the living room floor. Turkey and cheese sandwiches satisfy like an entire meal when traveling. I’m so juvenile (she said tossing her balled tin foil into the back seat).

Here? There? At times, there hardly seems to be a difference. A book to read. Postcards to write. A manuscript to re-read.

Have a nice weekend!

8 thoughts on “Crossing the Sound

  1. Nancy

    Looks like a beautiful day! Where in Connecticut? My son’s in-laws are in Avon πŸ™‚ If you’re ever near there…AMAZING garden to check out! Yes, isn’t it funny how road food can so totally satisfy?! Hope your brother is doing way, way better!

  2. Mo Crow

    love your well wrought words illuminated with your photos of the autumn light
    ” A glaring and beautiful fall day where shadows are so full of import, they could rule the world”

  3. Deborah Lacativa

    I love that last picture. Have finally figured out why I’ve been looking at Dr. Fauci as if I know him.
    Hope Billy is bucking all trends.

  4. Liz A

    ahhhh, feet up on the dashboard … I’ll know I’m truly aged when I no longer put my feet up (of course, there was the killjoy who once pointed out it’s incredibly dangerous to put your feet up while driving … as a passenger of course … illegal even … live dangerously, I say πŸ˜‰

    and the scent of the sound … I inhale deeply at the very thought of it

    best well wishes to your brother … I’m sure he is incredibly motivated to move on and out!

    1. deemallon

      You know I’ve heard the stories about air bags and legs on the dashboard too. We were parked in this photo. I try to limit the position when we’re moving.

      Did not smell that refreshing briny smell yesterday. Maybe it was the kind of day it was. Maybe it was the mask.

  5. Acey

    I don’t necessarily trust men with pick-up trucks but I do have a weakness for them. Always love the various images of your legs and feet in various angles and contexts of repose.


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