A beautiful day to vote

Deb was right. Voting was a surefire pick-me-up. Voting was in fact so exciting it overrode my usual reserve and I found myself reaching out to a fellow voter.

“My vote has never felt more important,” she said. Yes! Yes! Even here in Massachusetts.

After depositing our ballots, fellow voter and I talked about — what else? — the weather. She loves the fall. I love the fall. She grew up in Cuba. I was born in Massachusetts. Summers are hotter here, she said. Ocean breezes making a difference.

(Will my brother be able to vote? Will Barrett throw the election to trump, having after all, worked on the Bush v Gore matter?). Never mind that for now.

It is a spectacular fall day. Crisp and blue-skied. And voting brings satisfaction.

And now it’s back to work. Postcards to Voters in Pennsylvania and editing the middle years (1740 to 1743).

11 thoughts on “A beautiful day to vote

  1. Marti

    You are so right about a pick-me-up: I voted Oct. 8th and left a comment on your Oct. 7th blog post but I want to join you here and re-post it. Just for the record, long ago when we all spoke of voting, I said I would wear my swishy skirt and dance my way to the polls but that was when I was going to vote in person.. The reality is that I voted by mail on Oct. 8th…still I’ll have you know, I did dance my way back to my car, singing the last refrain of this little ditty…Here is my comment that was posted Oct. 8th- may seem snarky but it felt so good to send my vote on its way. I wrote, “Absentee ballot arrived today, was filled out and taken to post office today Oct. 8th, 2020. Feel secure to be mailing it here in New Mexico. As I walked back to the car, did a little dance and the words to an old song, rolled into my head…dedicated to the evil in the White House:
    “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!”

  2. Joanne

    Voted in person yesterday at our Town Office. Still absentee but they hand you the envelope and no postage/post office necessary. We were a jolly bunch coming in from a windy cold rain. Steady stream.

  3. Tina

    Sounds like a happy feel good day … Good for you. Here we are having the most beautiful fall colors in years. My happy feel good day starting with a run to the post office .. one of my most favorite things. My sister in law had a heart attack a few weeks ago so I’m hoping that getting a surprise package .. one of my quilts will lift her spirits and warm her mended heart. I’ll be early voting next week and you better believe I’ll be doing my happy dance. Are any of you also finding it impossible to comment on Grace’s blog .. I had some luck but now nothing but at least I’m #till able to read her posts.

    1. deemallon

      Mixed results commenting on windthread. So sorry to hear about your sister in law and of course one of your quilts will cheer her!

  4. Nancy

    Hey! I can comment today! Yay! for your voting high! My ballot is filled out and am planning on dropping at the polls on Oct. 24th when our early voting starts. They have two lines, one for voting in person and one for dropping off your completed ballot. Can’t wait!
    There was one of those fake ballot boxes out here. Republicans claimed ownership AND that they have noting wrong and won’t remove them! Oy.


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