Grey Sunday, random notes

Wind and rain are supposed to begin at kick-off of the Patriots’ game and let up around the game’s ending. Ha! Maybe speaking to the end of a dynasty?

This chyron perhaps speaks to the imminent collapse of our hospital systems. Less people might be dying of Covid, but here are two critical problems: health care workers are already burned out and help cannot be secured from other states because the entire country is awash with the disease.

This Atlantic article speaks to all of that.

We walked in the woods this morning. It’s not raining yet. It seemed that some sort of geocaching was afoot because the paths were littered with people staring down at pieces of paper.

One wonders how anything will stay in business. Not that I give a shit about Bloomingdales, but it is a case in point.

I like sheer fabric as much as the next fiber enthusiast but I don’t particularly go for murder as a fashion theme. WTF Style section of the NYTimes?

I didn’t know fat freezing was a thing.

Today I will stitch and watch Love Actually. K commented from the other room yesterday as I actually managed to watch a Hallmark movie in its entirety (I don’t usually). He said, “It sounds like you’re being force fed dead raccoon.”

Don’t ask me where THAT analogy came from!

This time next week, my brother will be at home and it will be his birthday.

4 thoughts on “Grey Sunday, random notes

  1. Nancy

    Well isn’t that just the best news about your brother?! Yay! It sure is a strange, weird world. That is like every state! Geez! So many leaves in your world 🙂 Fat freezing, eh? So, is it stored in the freezer for later? As a teen, I once dreamed that I was on some sort of medical table and the doctor was cutting off my hip fat, in one fell swoop…with an ax! I was so skinny as a young person, but you know our society’s messaging…never good enough. My thought at the time was that it was going to hurt like anything, but at least they’d be gone. I can still see that upraised ax. Haven’t thought of that for years. Oy.
    I thought of you last night while sleepless and watching a Christmas movie! Lifetime, I think (had no glasses on). Holiday food, check (ginger snaps), Small town, city gal returns, meets guy she hates at first, check-check-check…crisis, check (Will she ever find her dead mothers red Caddi sleigh of a car??!!)…I fell asleep before the ending, but I saw her finally get the car back and I’m pretty sure she got together with the guy! BINGO! I’ll never think of these movies the same! lol
    I love how stormy the skinny house looks and do I spy some artichoke fabric? I always play the I spy game to see if any are fabrics I’ve given to the quilter (it’s fun to see how they are used by someone else), but it’s been so many years of giving away, I’d hardly remember anymore. Still I play 🙂 And lastly, that murder fashion is super creepy! Have a nice Sunday

    1. deemallon

      Hi Nancy. What a dream. My god. The conditioning, you’re so right. I’d love to be the “fat” I thought I was in college! My guess is that frozen fat takes up less space so it would shrink “problem area” but honestly, I don’t know.

  2. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) ‘He said, “It sounds like you’re being force fed dead raccoon.” ‘
    gosh what a thought, better than dead skunk though!
    have seen signs for fat freezing here too, such a very strange idea… I often feel like a dinosaur wandering around in this 21st C world …

    1. deemallon

      We ARE antiquated! I notice that I learn less about various technologies because I don’t have teenagers in the house anymore.


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