Pandemic Pie Bonus

Being able to start eating the pie on Thanksgiving Eve counts as a silver lining this year. As does sitting here typing instead of running around in a dash of last minute clean up and then prepping for hours in advance of the big meal. I enjoy the latter, but still, this is nice. I slept til nine.

Given Finn’s propensity for fowl thievery, the brined bird is airing behind a barricade of coleus cuttings. The other side is a staircase to which he has no access. Ha! Look at us! Dog people who finally learned a thing or two.

Why a whole bird for two people, you ask? I was gonna keep it simple: breast only, one-ingredient side dishes. Well, I couldn’t find breasts at the critical moment and pomegranate seeds and walnuts are demanding to be partnered with Brussel sprouts. Maybe a maple glaze?

We already finished the holiday puzzle but another is on the way. This year will require at least two.

There will be two zoom calls and episodes of Money Heist. Twitter. Maybe a fire, even though it’s warm enough to rain.

I have so so much to be grateful for — including all of you, dear readers. Have a wonderful day in whatever way. Let’s all live to see another holiday!

13 thoughts on “Pandemic Pie Bonus

  1. Joanne

    What’s in the soup bowl? I am now considering the pomegranate seeds with Brussels Sprouts. No walnuts. I like them but no one else does. I would have SO loved pie last night. We got Chinese Take Out with a 40 minute wait. Usually, she says 10 minutes. But it was worth the wait. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the Zoom!!!!!

    1. deemallon Post author

      That’s spinach soup. One small onion rough chopped sautéed with dash cayenne, dash nutmeg, S&P. A quart of stock (preferably homemade). Add one chopped carrot and two small potatoes. Two bags of spinach, two handfuls at a time. It’s an impossible amount of spinach. Add dash of mild hot pepper sauce. Cook til veggies soft then use immersion blender. Salt to taste. This batch was outstanding. It isn’t always.

  2. Tina

    I will for sure try that spinach soup it looks and sounds delicious. Although it is different this year I’m feeling grateful for family and friends.

  3. Acey

    following up on what Liz said. Our family has Pie Breakfast the day before Thanksgiving. It started out long ago in Boston as a thin excuse to get an extra type of pie ‘just because’ and then cut into all the pies for a similar just because reason. Now we look forward to it in a more dignified way. Not eating extra frivolous things for a day or two beforehand and so forth.

  4. Deborah Lacativa

    Argh! I made an apple pie and took it to Jake’s. Dinner was delicious, but I saved room to taste a tiny slice of the DIL’s pumpkin pie, also terrific. Mine didn’t even get cut into until the next day and Jake tells me, there likely won’t be any left by tomorrow. I think he had pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day.


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