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  1. Marti

    Stories without words, your photos: some no need for words yet three photos cause me to remember, to wonder, and to feel a whole slew of emotions upon seeing the 2nd to the last photo:

    For me, green spaces soothe and create what I call a “green mind”, how nature wraps around in every color of green and lends itself to centering, tranquility, to soothing…the photo of the pond, the greenery, the heron rising, is such an example. When we lived in Texas, our rental home, the largest we have lived in, a beautiful limestone built two story home, looked out over a wooded area in the cul de sac that our house was located on. Vast walking trails in this development and I would rise up early in the morning and walk many of them seeing deer, rod runners, one time, a coyote, always heading toward a man made pond, where turtles basked on the rocks, hoping to see the elusive blue heron that I always took as a sign of spirit rising…

    Next photo: I assume that it is you in the boat, looking lovely and pensive, holding a red string, wondering if you are using it as a prayer token? Is that your husband behind you? Are you exploring a nearby river? What is so intently holding your gaze?

    Lastly, the 2nd to the last photo, collage, the sharp green lines that remind me of shards of leaf, bisecting the collage. What looks like the face of Bill Cosby, eyes down, but is it sorrow or remorse that I see…? I doubt it…the vase of water, water necessary to life…The elaborate richly embroidered robed figure, perhaps a Catholic bishop, I have such a visceral reaction to this as an ex-Catholic that I tell myself, it is not anything to do with the Church but someone dressed up for Mardi Gras… then in the middle, the stark, straight on gaze of British model Stella Tennant, who last year, at the age of 50, commuted suicide leaving behind 4 children…

    Stories without words…images that speak and question…these photos have certainly “broken” the silence for me!

    1. deemallon Post author

      The heron was behind an apartment complex near my home. We were walking home from the grocery store and ventured past the no trespassing signs. It was beautiful! And more idyllic-seeming for remaining out of our field of attention for almost thirty years!

      That is my brother and me on a boat off of Marathon Key a long time ago. It arrived in my mailbox on a day when I’d been doing a derogatory life review. Incidents of my sloppiness or unkindness spontaneously coming to mind. And when I saw that picture I was blown away because it reminded me that I was so much more than my limiting opinions of myself. And to see my brother, well…

      Yes. Bill Cosby. Made that collage the day the news broke about his release. Of course the water jug is meant to reference how he drugged his victims. A Catholic muckety muck added for obvious reasons. I don’t know the Stella story.

    1. deemallon Post author

      And you should know that the entire time we sat outside and shared a meal with neighbors, there was always at least one live rabbit in view.


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