Twitter curse

Several weeks ago, in an exchange with a friend on Twitter about the effects of climate change, I typed: “We don’t really get rainstorms anymore.”

Well. It’s been pretty nonstop ever since. Go ahead. Blame me.

The intermittent dry days have been lovely, though, and the Northeast really, really needed the rain. On clear days, we open the house. Run the fans.

All pix from the yard.

When I woke at around two last night, I’d been dreaming about Candace Owens. UCk. How random! How indicative of (too much?) time spent on Twitter!

Today I bake a birthday cake. Tomorrow I’ll make chimichurri and we’ll fire up the grill. It’s supposed to clear, so I’m assuming we’ll be able to celebrate outdoors. Hubby catches up to me this weekend. Medicare — here we come!

Sunday, I head back to LA.

10 thoughts on “Twitter curse

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yes. J has some lecturing to do out of town. It seemed like a good window to go. A little spooked by a 6 earthquake up near SF yesterday.

  1. Liz A

    It’s even raining in Texas … in July!

    love your birdbath … sending wishes for a happy birthday celebration and safe travel after that (how’s that for a total non-sequiter)

  2. Nancy

    Oh, please bring some rain with you!!! I wouldn’t worry about the earthquake in Northern CA, didn’t feel anything down here and on a different fault line than the well known (feared) San Andres fault line. I also would worry about the water restrictions as they are voluntary as of now and I literally just heard on the news that cutting back 15% means taking an 8.5 minute shower instead of a ten minute! That can be handled, yes? The heat though is ridiculous! But even that, weighed against seeing brother…?
    Your sound bytes are so filling! Thanks for that!

    1. deemallon Post author

      I looked up the restrictions after reading Joanne’s comment. I don’t take long showers and currently my brother only showers once a week, so I think we’re good. Also, all that deep green stuff around his house is Astro turf so that’s good too.

      I forget that there are different fault lines. Even when there’s an earthquake in Alaska I worry about California.

  3. Acey

    it upsets me that I’m familiar enough to recoil in sympathetic horror. Candace Owens is worse than the one about Jennifer Aniston …


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