Yackety yack

My brother knows birds. He tracks three kinds of owls in his area and a pair of peregrine falcons. Above, I captured about six seconds of a great horned owl swooping off its roost. Earlier, two of them had tangled just above the empty pool.

The squawking black birds are not crows, I now know, but ravens.

I shot this little video at around 5:50 am while waiting for the Uber ride that never showed. That’s another story, as they say.

Home again and it’s not raining but oh lord is it muggy. Except in the basement where I sometimes rig cloth from a bin to tie around my waist for a little warmth.

It cracks me up that this was my assemblage as I commented on Jude’s blog — something about the healing powers of minimalism.

Once in the chaos of the studio, I just took up one WIP after another and made progress on three or four of them. There’s a simplicity to that. A sustainable rhythm.

But first, I stitched around the portrait that served as the recent collage prompt for the #pariscollageclub weekly challenge over on Instagram. Given the baroque tendencies I generally express with collage, the simplicity of the outline was refreshing.

This moon went on what’s becoming a butterfly quilt. I can’t tell you how much I love it.

Widened this house after overcoming my aversion to using appliqué on a 100% pieced design. It’s not like it’s a hard and fast rule or anything, but it’s one of the few places a sense of purity can creep in. Because I seamed the slope of the roof, the section isn’t wholly appliqué. A hybrid approach.

After hand-stitching the new house-half in place, I think it’s gonna work. All of the indigo in this composition was dyed by me in South Carolina.

Here is the start of this week’s collage challenge. Baroque, right?

Tomorrow I get to write with others again after a little break. I can’t wait! Found a great prompt in a recent New Yorker article about the new Anthony Bourdain documentary. Will share after it’s been written to!

9 thoughts on “Yackety yack

  1. Anonymous

    So good to read all this. Head spins these days with geographic locations and climate alterations in each

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yes the changes and swapping of weather. It really seems like Boston is turning into Seattle. Heard an NPR story this morning on the dryness in the west. The ENTIRE west. They don’t even call it “super drought” anymore. They’re calling it the aridification of the west.

  2. RainSluice

    Happy you are happy and home and back in full swing! that moon. that prince and princess (who are they?). I think baroque is apropo of our time. you blow life and death into baroque and make it awesome. like birds are awesome, particularly raptors?

  3. Nancy

    Oh my – that owl! Magnificent! I think you look adorable 🙂 This new house is interesting with the blue-sky background and the patterned fabric surrounding. Nice. Your collages make me think of scraps or photos I have that would work so well with the royalty or the first one too.


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