On our evening walk we saw six rabbits but probably passed ten or twelve. In previous years they ate tender hosta stalks here and there in early spring. This year they’re destroying mature plants. And since they only like the stalks, they leave a big mess of discarded leaves.

We have a fence crew coming at the end of next week. There were ferns to dig up and give away, a rogue oak to cut down, general pick up along the lot line. K had the chain saw out. On old, scraggly yew near the grill was growing through the fence.

Look at my work shirt! One of Mo’s creations from years back.

Anyway, K and I are are tired! And guess what? More rain is headed our way tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “Rabbits EVERYWHERE

  1. Tina

    Would trade your rabbits for are ferrel cats. Already heartbroken seeing the first batch of kittens and they are already busy mating again. Monday I’ll be making some calls .. I’m not a big cat person but I feel sick thinking about what will happen to them. It’s all way to sad 😢

  2. Marti

    Two rabbits usually pay us a morning visit to breakfast on apple leaves and any tiny apples that may have fallen to the ground. I noticed that we also periodically have wild onion growing on the edges of the dried grass surrounding the apple tree. I’ve gathered the wild onion and like to chop and put it into scrambled eggs and yogurt to make a dip. In TN, I would forage for wild garlic. Both wild garlic and wild onion have thin green leaves but the leaves of wild garlic and round and hollow and the leaves of wild onion are flat and solid.

    But back to the apples: R tasted one and said it tastes a little like Granny Smith, that sharp, tangy bite…would so like to make apple sauce this autumn. What is ironic to me is that only a few feet away from the apple tree, I grow Swiss chard, sage, thyme, etc. all goodies that rabbits usually enjoy but they don’t seem to notice them.

    In our previous rental home in New Mexico, squirrels were our nemesis. Now I have to tell you that squirrels in New Mexico are a breed all of their own, laid back but fierce, chomping away on our tomatoes and Chile peppers…sprinkling cayenne pepper and hot sauce on the leaves of our Chile pepper plants did not dissuade them…if anything when they saw me coming, I swear they smirked and kept on chomping…

    1. deemallon Post author

      We didn’t used to have chipmunks or red squirrels but now have both. Last year the chipmunks snacked in my cherry tomatoes to such a degree that I didn’t bother this year. They’d take a bite and leave the half eaten fruit! Our bunnies like hosta and young echinacea.

  3. Hazel

    We had bevies of bunnies last year. Wondered where they all went this year until the next door neighbor caught two coyotes coming out of the greenbelt behind our houses. I hope they’re eating the rats, too.

  4. debgorr

    Hardly ever see bunnies in my neighborhood but 4 miles south at work there are lots. We have to replant the preschool garden several times each year while watching to see how the rabbits get in. They find every hole….


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