Last Saturday in July ‘21

A pleasant day. A quiet day. As long as I don’t get tangled in negative thinking about not-going-anywhere-for-vacation (and what is our problem, exactly?), I can find a rhythm here that is enjoyable. And productive.

What’s wrong with enjoying the fluttering light in our comfortable first floor, padding out to the garden for a little watering and weeding, and sewing, sorting, and making collages in the basement? Below are a few of the day’s compositions.

Reliable Fence brought the wrong kind of slatted panels and the wrong kind of posts today. We’re replacing our very old fence. Have I mentioned? Installation probably delayed. I kind of hope they fuck up again because the irony tickles me.

It would be an understatement to say that I am incredibly psyched to be reading Deb Lacativa on kindle. I am so proud of her. I am so excited for her. The amount of work that goes into bringing a piece of writing into the world is hard to accurately describe. And she did it! And I am so privileged to have been along for the ride as a beta reader.

9 thoughts on “Last Saturday in July ‘21

  1. Tina

    Feeling angry and totally frustrated with the news .. numbers are going up like crazy. If COVID doesn’t kill you then possibly a person who has no business owning a gun will. I have a ticket purchased for a trip early October which I was really looking forward to but now finding myself a fool for thinking it would all be OK.
    Enough sorry .. I don’t think I’ll be leaving comments until I find myself in a better mind set. Your moon lit house is wonderful .. made me feel the best I’ve felt all day. Sorry for being such a poop!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Please know that you are welcome to rant here any time. Seriously. The case numbers are ridiculous again (Florida had its highest count of new cases EVER yesterday)and tho small percentage-wise, breakthrough cases are making us all nervous.

  2. Sue

    ooh! I want to live in that jaunty world! There’s so much humor and understanding in the shapes of the moon, the houses. Thanks Dee

  3. Nancy

    Love the texture of this moon and I see your new round patio beside the house.
    As far as the rest…grrr… I think we missed our tiny window to see our San Jose friends, for now…and when will we meet grandson? Who knows at this point? I’m tired of EDD, covered CA (but still grateful for them both) and work worries.
    My biggest current rant to J. is when the news gives dire detailed reports on covid and then in the Next Breath announces a concert or theme park opening or some other such thing. Why is it a fine plan to cram a bunch of people together right now? IF I look back on my blog to March 2020, we were freaking out for case numbers like we have today! And the angry parents want their kids back in school, no masks. Fools. And don’t get me started on why the games even went forward in Tokyo! Enough of that.
    I like way you’ve found spots for happiness all around your home. That’s what I keep trying to do.

    1. deemallon Post author

      My big yelling moments are when I read the assholery of trumpian leaders making the situation worse by taking stances that are anti-scientific, counter-productive, and informed solely by the worst and most callous kind of performative politics. Florida! Texas! It’s a race to the biggest and most avoidable death counts. I used to think calling trumpers members of a death cult an exaggeration. No longer.

  4. Liz A

    Deb’s trilogy is a bright spot on a dark horizon … looking forward to getting the print version, so thanks for the excerpt in the meantime

    noticed you “liked” a palimpsestparade post on Instagram … hoping her online watercolor class is as good as it looks to be … your stitch and collage uses of color have motivated me to learn more

    and I keep swinging between “oh no! Covid!!” and “I’m vaxxed and I wear a mask” … worried mostly for our unvaccinated grandkids in red-state Missouri and Texas … our feckless governors fiddling while Rome burns … we plan to drive to St Louis next week … are we crazy?

    1. deemallon Post author

      No not crazy. I’ll probably go back to LA before the summer’s over.

      I LOVE palimpsest parade’s work and ALMOST signed up for one of her classes in the spring but thought it would diffuse my focus, such as it is. I’ll be interested in seeing how she teaches. It’s certainly more than buying templates to make little squares in a sketchbook!

      Deb’s books will not disappoint!


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