100 yesterday, 97 today

Even mid morning, it was too hot to walk for long. I could’ve kept going, but Finn seemed not into it, which is saying something.

AC cranking, I’ve got the finish line in sight for the reread of Section One of my manuscript. As usual, this puts other reading on hold. I finished Series One of Deb’s Prophets Tango and can’t wait to get to the middle volume. Because I’d read it all before, this read really allowed me to focus on just how good the writing is. The writing is really so good.

6 thoughts on “100 yesterday, 97 today

  1. Nancy

    Each photo, an invitation to stories and the music in the collage video, such a powerful combo.
    97-100, pretty darn hot for you. Partial Finney says it all! Yet, your green yard is so uplifting!
    Deb’s books are on my list to get 🙂 Looking forward to the reading. Stay cool.

  2. Hazel

    Waiting for Deb’s books to come…
    Those antlers, your heart- there’s been a shift in your making lately, in cloth and collage- colors, strength, images… something really beautiful is happening.


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