Monday 8-23-21

Dreaded start of the week yesterday. What’s THaT about?

A muggy swampy walk with Finn.

And something new/old pinned to the armoire. But it is a writing day. Twenty five pages to go. I think I ought to reward myself with something when I finish this FOURTH EDIT.

What, do you think? A pair of earrings? Ice cream from JP Licks? Oh oh how about a half dozen rose bath bombs?

I’ll let you know.

PS I want to start posting recipes for my boys. So they can find them. Such an endeavor raises those dumb and interfering questions about content and brand and worse, forces me to wonder: what happens to this blog after I’m gone?

18 thoughts on “Monday 8-23-21

    1. deemallon Post author

      It’s not that productive to consider, is it? Ever since Flickr did their fuck job and considering that I had to upgrade to WP Business to access more memory, I worry that when I stop paying the upgrade fees, they’ll delete content added since the upgrade. I suppose I ought to find out.

  1. Nancy

    Good luck with the edit. This collage cloth has such an old fabric look to it. I like that, as it reminds me of an old vintage quilt I have & love 🙂
    How nice that your boys would want your recipes. I too have thought about the blog afterlife. I had wanted it to be closed down, but after revisiting Michelle’s, I thought perhaps no…but then I go back to what does matter in the long run. My family does not read my blog, so there’s that.
    Enjoy whatever treat(s) you decide on!

  2. Jen NyBlom

    Beautiful hydrangeas and sedums, LOVE that house, yummm, soup! (what kind is it?)
    Hope you didn’t get TOO much rain/wind?
    Self-rewards are always fun 🙂

  3. RainSluice

    It seems to me there *must* be a way to archive your WP blog. You can download in XML format to a file, then compress and password protect the archive file – I *think*. But, I don’t think it should be that difficult. I have friends who are very current with WP doing lots of business sites, they will know and I’ll let you know what they recommend. But, don’t fucking die, ok?
    Yaaa who wouldn’t want your recipes? You are such an amazing cook.
    Had a friend die yesterday. Cancer. A few of us hope to properly catalog her photos. She was quite unprepared to be beamed up. I learned for the first time last week that we should all have a digital will. When will our very emotions become digital?

    1. deemallon Post author

      So sorry about your friend.

      A digital will. Really? We did our estate plan fairly recently and no mention was made of that.

      I know how to back up my blog and should do so more often. But wouldn’t that back up dwell on my hard drive?

      1. RainSluice

        An archive is different (or should be) different than a backup. A backup typically is created in a manner that will allow you to restore the thing you’ve backed up in case there is a some sort of bigger failure. An archive is written in a universal format, to a file, that is readable by different systems. So, the content could be into another system or another app that is not Word Press at some time in the future. An archive file would be kept on a removable hard drive and placed in your safety deposit box for posterity.

  4. CFillio

    I’d go for the earrings, even if not flashy or expensive… at least they’re permanent (until you lose one!). Please do share the recipe.

  5. Joanne in maine

    I know you are not using blogger which is free but my computer engineer son has told me blogger is free and never loses anything and content is forever. I actually see little difference between my blog and the ones people pay for.


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