Post-Henri Errands

This open drapey robe would be suitable for a tall thin woman. Not me, in other words. I didn’t wear it on our bank errand yesterday because there are times when I feel that I ought to be semi-presentable.

We closed our Eastern account and moved the money to BOA, an institution seemingly committed to anti-service. Whaddya gonna do? I swear, though, if they make more of a stink about yesterday’s deposit, we’ll go in there and close THAT account and go back to Eastern. If your check blah blah. No charge if blah blah. DO YOU WANT OUR MONEY OR NOT?! Vengeance banking — it could be a thing.

We also went to the mall. I bought bath bombs and two disks of shampoo and conditioner (the reward mentioned two days ago). I was dumb struck when the cherubic curly-haired clerk asked me what I wanted from my conditioner. Ummm. My hair was a day-late for washing and haphazardly pulled on top of my head with a pair of clips. Do I look like I care?

K and I laughed in the car. You should have told her you do better with multiple choice. He’d seen me nodding with relief when she’d offered, “Add more volume?”

Meanwhile, the rain that I’d heard was pounding west of Boston seemed to be headed our way. The sky offered up a spectacular display.

That was Tuesday. Already, it’s Wednesday. We took another dunk at the lake. Hardly anyone was there, which was nice.

8 thoughts on “Post-Henri Errands

  1. Nancy

    Such beautiful sky photos! I look forward to clouds. I too had a “presentable” and comfort kind of clothing day (tried to shop. Ha.) J. and I joke that all the hair products are probably the same, just different labels 🙂 We usually get a ‘relax the crazies’ kind which I need and he certainly doesn’t…and seems to do nothing for either of us. But who cares, the scent works for me, which is way more important in my world. Throw Finney-boy that ball for me 😉

  2. Liz A

    revenge banking indeed … when Wells Fargo started to charge for our “no-fee” checking account I stomped in and emptied out all our accounts … why? they asked … and when I told them, they said “oh, we can fix that” … oh no you can’t … too late!

    we’ve been happily banking at a credit union ever since … best auto loan deal ever (the finance guy at the dealership said “we can’t beat CU loan rates because their rules are different from other financial institutions”)

    love the power lines slicing through the clouds … great collage potential there

  3. Joanne in Maine

    We removed everything from BOA. EVERYTHING. We now have a locally owned Maine bank and they greet us by name when we walk in. Everything is “no problem”.

    I went with Aveeno for everything hair and body and face at age 65. But did swoon for many years washing body and hair with Trader Joe’s body wash. Still wash all my cashmere with it. Soft, soft, soft and smells so GOOD.

    God, I LOVE Finn’s Face. With Ball.


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