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Those two sentences were left by Michelle* about a year before she died. It was in response to the loss of our front yard maple.

The comment in italics, below, came roughly a year later and was her very last here. It is classic Michelle.

I’d written a post that began thusly:

The vultures are always circling the corpses-but, we are not dead yet. Turn away from the chaos and cruelty. Shelter deep within your truth. “Gandhi called his overall method of non-violent action Satyagraha. … Nowadays, it’s usually called non-violence. But for Gandhi, non-violence was the word for a different, broader concept-namely, “a way of life based on love and compassion.” In Gandhi’s terminology, Satyagraha-Truth-force-was an outgrowth of nonviolence.”

I’ve been obsessed with RGB all day. Every site and all the opinions have saturated me. I too have to let her go though I dearly wish she might have stayed longer. No one will forget her. She was one of a kind. I’m not looking forward to the fight with circling vultures, but I just got my checkbook out to send some encouragement to Biden/Harris (can’t do any financial transactions on line) COURAGE I tell myself. Courage and clear determination.

When I remember to care, to do something helpful, my body reminds me I’ve been away too long. This is a most satisfying post dear Dee. I read you like memoir chapters sometimes and it feels like listening.

I’m still focused on balancing. I get the news Via BBC and move onward to read about friends afar on blogs and face book and great thinkers and doers from all around the web, sharing them on Face book. Today I made the monthly bank trip and spent time at the Farm market. I nap at will as a part of my awakened practice of listening to my body with compassion and understanding. I would worry about the planet and our coming election, but it won’t help.

Brilliant memes, Dejoy is dead in the water and joyless. I still have trouble saying Fuck anyone because i associate the word with the patriarchy that invented it. Hang on for the elections and vote in person if you can.

Your Grounded self is never still. How fortunate you are.

Michelle Slater! Her voice, her heart, and the example set by her intrepid and spiritual life are still so very missed!

* Michelle Slater, blog : MsUncertaintyPrinciples


So this is another thing I plan to start doing — publishing stuff from my DRAFTS FOLDER. It’s miles long and years deep. I’ve learned the value of looking back, as a way not just to remember, but to integrate. In a funny and counterintuitive way, looking back helps me stay current with myself.

If I repeat myself because some version of the draft got published, so be it. I mean I’ll try not to do that l, but you know how it is!

10 thoughts on “From the archive : Michelle

  1. Nancy

    Sigh. Michelle has been very much on my mind with her upcoming anniversary (Yahrzeit). I have her candle ready. Sending love to those who knew/loved her.

  2. Marti

    Her Sept 10, 2020 blog post, with is poignant title, New Day, Every Day, to me, so encapsulates all that she was: wise, caring, worrying about her friends, the planet, etc. Sharing so much of herself and probably what was her last selfie, hat on her head, lovely hands holding her camera…focused.

    Her words, her eyes that viewed her beloved New York, its people, its streets, landmarks, skies, gardens, etc. so vital to her, so vital to us because through the lens of her heart, she, informed, made us care, made us feel a part of her daily adventures, walking the streets of her beloved city…this image of her at the ready to embrace a new day, every day, is the one that I keep closest to my heart.

    1. deemallon Post author

      So so well put Marti. There was something so endearing and inspiring about her life in New York and how she documented it. And the care — how she cared — something to emulate. Strive for.

  3. snicklefritzin43

    How very special was my connection to Michelle. The seeing of New York City, its people and places through her eyes, her camera lense, impacted me every time she posted. Her words touched my soul and I do so miss having the contact with her. Thank you for this rememberance post, Dee.

  4. Tina

    Oh my she was very special .. I love how she introduced me to her world. Liz A gifted me a piece she made remembering Michelle that I hold near and dear. I love this post and all the comments.


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