Finn gacked and gacked

There I was googling kennel cough and windpipe obstructions at three a.m. Finn was in distress. Coughing and coughing and letting loose pancakes of foamy mucous. Frequently, poor guy!

(Only on the rugs for some reason).

Called the ER at Angell at four but opted not to go, instead making an emergency appointment at our vet this morning for tomorrow. And then, lo! Finny coughed up half a kibble in one final pancake of slime and hasn’t coughed since.


You know what else I’m grateful for this morning? Trees. Always trees. I know I’ve told you before, but the golden chain tree out front came in the mail as a twelve-inch long bare-root sapling on Arbor Day many years ago. I don’t remember exactly when, but the boys were little. Just look at it now!

Another favorite tree on our walk

I’m also grateful to have known Michelle. There is a lovely tribute over on Nancy’s blog this morning. Thank you, Nancy. You speak for a lot of us who are still missing that intrepid and generous soul!

And why do I say “still” missing, as if i should somehow be done by now?

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my brother’s stroke. He has come such a long way! Did I mention that he has started to be able to move the affected right leg? Amazing. His progress confirms the stroke advice to measure progress in months and not weeks.

Can’t wait to see him next month. In the meantime, there are quilts to post on Etsy, a Slave Dwelling Conference to attend, and butternut squash soup to make!

10 thoughts on “Finn gacked and gacked

  1. Marti

    During this time of seasonal change, when we go inward, thankful for this harvest time, this coming quiet time, this gathering time … when we could all gather together at the table, enjoying the bounty of the season and thinking about the large and small blessings in our lives…no blessing is more poignant or warranted than to honor your brother and how far he has come from his stroke…I’m raising my cup of tea in his honor and in honor of you, his dear sister, who will visit in October, bringing her culinary and healing magic and all will be as well as it can be and then some… ..

  2. Nancy

    Dee~ Aw, poor Finney-Boy! Glad all ended well. It has been a year already? Wow. I’m so glad your brother has made so much improvement. Your visit next month will be all the sweeter, yes? And dear Michelle, wrapped in our hearts, wrapped in this season of slowing down, of quieting, of change. May we hold her close. xo

  3. Saskia

    scary when they do that, our puppy stepped into a tick-nest the other day, brrrrrr
    GREAT news about your brother Dee! hurray onwards and upwards


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