3.9 quake and rain

I was lying in bed in Echo Park when it came. A rumble and a jiggle jiggle. Not very dramatic and I wasn’t sure, so I got on Twitter and sure enough, lots of Angelinos were reporting the same. A 3.9 earthquake. Or as some locals put it, an alarm clock.

It’s our last day here and grey. I’m childishly wishing we could teleport back. You know — close our eyes, nod, and whoosh! It’s another early flight, but at least it’s direct.

These might be the same birds that Nancy photographed recently? (Just kidding)

I’m not glad that the Dodgers lost last night, but since we’re staying pretty close to the stadium, it made our evening trip back to Echo Park simpler. Even though the game was in Atlanta, the revelry might’ve spilled out into Sunset Boulevard.

C. came for dinner and the game last night. It was so nice and also bittersweet knowing we won’t see him again until January. But we have plans for January, as of a half hour ago!

My brother’s condition is much, much improved. Confined to a chair for the most part, but interested in company, in food, in sports, and so much more. There was a long stretch where that was not the case.

His East Los Angeles home is situated on Mount Washington and feels like a sanctuary. So, so lovely and quiet! I can think of worse places to be stuck, I said. He agreed.

P.S. It’s not lost on me that my suburban neighborhood is noisier. Living where I do is to be assaulted by relentless, invasive, nerve-grinding noise on very nearly a daily basis. It’s so much quieter here! In Los Angeles.

I’ll end with a little eye candy.

Love this

10 thoughts on “3.9 quake and rain

  1. Nancy

    Dee~ Ha, I didn’t even feel that earthquake! But, I often don’t. Love the bird pics over here 🙂 I don’t know if they are the same birds…ours were so high…who knows? Sure look similar against the sky though! I find it somewhat amazing that it is quieter here, but maybe that just speaks to us humans and preconceived notions!
    Lastly, yet most importantly, I am thrilled to read of your brother’s progress and that you got to spend time with him again…and with your son! Wonderful!
    Safe travels

  2. Liz A

    so, between you and Nancy, I did a quick search to see where Hitchcock filmed The Birds (answer: Bodega Bay … so 6 hours away, but still California)

    great picture of your brother and son … and even (maybe especially) as a hearing-impaired person, I very much appreciate quiet … we are fortunate that our house is “buried” in a neighborhood, far from main roads and surrounded by houses so there is no fear of future construction (although the roads could use repaving … ha!)

    I really don’t want to know what an earthquake feels like … I like my natural disasters slow moving and semi-predictable (think “hurricane”) … because it’s always something, right?

    safe travels …

    1. debgorr

      Have to share the personal trivia. My great-grandparents lived in the house that The Birds was filmed in at one time…before the movie was filmed.

  3. deb

    Glad you are back. I’m beginning to get the sense that you are trying on the “relocation” mindset. The eye candy was Carey and Ben. Kin.

  4. debgorr

    It’s been awhile since I’ve felt an earthquake. I am okay with not. 🙂 I like that version of Much Ado.


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