19 degrees and looking for good news

You won’t find good news in Pulitzer-prize winning science writer Ed Yong’s recent article in The Atlantic. (Short version: the collapse of the health care system is worse than you think and about to get worse yet).

You won’t find good news in my messages with Younger Son whose girlfriend tested positive on Thursday and whose boss is an idiot.

You won’t find it in a recent Boston Globe article about local insurrectionists who’ve been charged with picketing, disturbance of the peace, and trespass.*

But you might find good news in back-to-back speeches this week. I think they signal a new sense of urgency about the rise of autocracy.

Attorney General Garland’s speech on Jan 5 said some of the right things but because it doesn’t appear that the DOJ is investigating any of the insurrection planners/funders, it couldn’t get me too excited. However, coming as it did a day before Biden’s blistering take down of the former guy, it made me think that a change is gonna come.

Lastly, there is still great comedy out there. If you need a laugh, google “Abhor Rent Colbert.” I’d embed the YouTube link but I am starting to wonder what such insertions cost me in terms of memory. It’s easy enough to find the clip.

* * *

* How about conspiracy to interfere with a government process? Or how about destruction of federal property (remember trump upping the penalty to ten years for that when the destruction was Confederate statues?)

11 thoughts on “19 degrees and looking for good news

  1. Nancy

    I hope your son’s girlfriend has an easy go of it. I agree with all you’ve said. It is hard to find, or maybe hold onto hope these days…which is exhausting…and the fact that there is SO MUCH. Right? I mean Ted Cruz and ALL of the others being awful…covid daily and all that means with work…But, I’ll add this to the good news column: killers of Ahmaud cont life sentences. We can use all of the good news we can get.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you!! Those life sentences were good news. Two without possibility of parole. Next step: convictions like these possible without video. Next step: the cessation of these atrocious murders.

  2. Liz A

    my daughter is about to go into her next semester of clinical rotations and I’m resigned to the fact that she is bound to be infected at some point along the way … I can’t help it, I keep thinking the idiots (no other word for it) who won’t get vaccinated are going to cull themselves out of the herd, but in the meantime, they are infecting vaccinated-but-immune-compromised adults and children who are too young to be vaccinated … it makes me see red just thinking about it

    and I am wondering, “what can I DO?”

    so I’ve applied to be on the local library advisory board, hoping I can encourage services that will make voting easier in our community … for instance, the library in our previous hometown is now making photo IDs free of charge to community members … which makes them “government issued” as much as a university ID or a gun permit, right? Well, not exactly, but it is a way to get folks on the path to an ID that will be accepted for voting

    and the League of Women Voters … perhaps there is something I can do with and for them

    because the 2022 election is everything … and time is running out

    1. deemallon Post author

      It is infuriating that common sense health interventions have been politicized. Fealty to trump and death go together, confirming what many have said for years by calling his base “a death cult.” I know you’re being tongue-in-cheek, but I don’t think the herd will be culled quickly enough to make a difference. I worry about these mild cases (which I agree seem inevitable). We know so little about long Covid. The politics activism is so good and so necessary. Thanks for reporting. It inspires me. I’ve always admired the league of women voters around here. Maybe I should see what they’re doing these days. I’ve lost enthusiasm for writing postcards to voters given how many states are wriggling toward or downright instituting voter nullification. But maybe I’ll do another batch to Florida.

      Librarians in Texas are the new heroes, aren’t they?

  3. RainSluice

    I’m so sorry your son is a source of consternation about this. He is such a sweetheart. It is awfully hard to be young now? Thank goodness he has you and K.
    Let’s hear it for librarians and nurses! I feel they are holding the line of personal care and personal mental health. But how much longer will they be for us all? There is soooo much stupidity.
    I was in Aldi’s the other day, What an idiot I was – for corn chips like I need those – and I should’ve probably tested myself yet ere I wait and hope that I was not infected, here I am again being stupid. (is an Oxford comma needed there somewhere?). And thanks to that visit, here’s my latest story of stupidness – my first, actually. FWIW?

    This guy (whom I can’t see) comes right up behind me in [the only] cashier’s line and breathes into the back of my head, “I wonder why they don’t have more cashiers on”.

    I turned to confirm it was indeed an asshole without a mask on and I think it was the same guy I saw putting away a cart outside, whom I hoped was on his way home.

    I said, “And I wonder why you aren’t wearing a mask”.
    Him: Because I don’t WANT to (in a 3rd grade boy’s voice with attitude)
    Me: Well, there ia a virus.
    Him: Nah, not a virus. You’d feel better if you didn’t wear a mask.
    Me: You should look at the data.
    Him: Yes, I see the data and there’s no virus.
    Me: Where do you get your information?
    Him: TV
    Me: what do you watch?
    Him: OOAN
    Me: oh, well, that’s why then.
    Him: I’m not a Democrat.
    Me: It’s not about that, it’s a public health crisis.
    Him: Well, the Dems lie.
    Me: There are lots of people lying.
    Him: I’m seventy-five and I’m doing just fine without a mask.
    Me: Maybe too long a life. (he didn’t seem to hear me)
    Me again: I hope you live long long and prosper.
    Him: Well, the Democrats started it.
    Me: uh huh. that’s like which came first, the chicken or the egg?
    Him: silent
    Me: Well, it makes me sad. It shouldn’t be about politicians.
    Him: It is sad.

    I checked out. Before I left I turned to him and said, “I appreciate the conversation. Take Care”
    He said, “bye” – in a rather soft kind way I thought

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE and yet, I felt so good having spoken with that jerk without losing my cool. Eh?
    I also hope maybe he thought that in a different world he would’ve asked me to join him at the next Veterans for Peace demonstration. LOL

    1. deemallon Post author

      Wow. Hope you’re fine. I was in line in Wegman’s a few weeks back when the woman behind me (masked) preceded her cart in line and came right up behind me. All I had to do was raise my arm and swing it back slightly once or twice for her to get the message. She backed up five feet.

  4. snicklefritzin43

    Living in a land of right-wing anti vaxers and anti-maskers is a challenge here, for sure. With two major immune compromising issues that I am managing well, there is no room for public experimenting and that is truly sad.
    Your son certainly is facing some personal challenges with these issues.
    As for the elections ahead, oh so much work to be accomplished in this world of folks with a totally different reality

    1. deemallon Post author

      I can’t quite imagine what it is to be surrounded by MAGA and other right wingers. I’m glad that you are managing well, presumably by being careful. I really hope that continues! Living in a liberal enclave, I don’t have to be exposed to “the other” unless I turn on Fox or follow certain tweets down a rabbit hole. It is a privilege and one that seems less impenetrable by the week.

      1. RainSluice

        can’t figure out to “like” certain replies or replies-to-replies, but… I can very much relate to this reply of yours. I appreciate being able to read your blog – it is an uplifting and “gathered” conversation.

  5. Joanne in Maine

    Maine is a short drive North- come see what it’s like. Confederate flags, Trump signs..no masks, no vaccine and parking in handicapped spaces when you aren’t handicapped (other than mentally)…..because- why not?


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