The last word changed and the last period input — the edits from my professional consultant are done. It happened on my birthday and it felt momentous and like a gift to myself.

Now I have to read through again to catch edits I missed in the first go-through. I may set up another computer screen to ease my eyes.

Also, I plan to read through the deleted chapters with a view to possibly capturing a phrase or a few paragraphs here and there. It’s not a tortuous process, meaning I’m prepared to let it all go. It’s more like sifting through sand and hoping to find a small gem, a little bit exciting.

Charleston skyline and quilt

I had a great birthday! All kinds of cards and phone calls and packages made it a special. I have great friends, good boys, and sweet in-laws. My husband went so overboard at Christmas, I let him off the hook for my bday and for Valentine’s too.

18 thoughts on “Period

  1. Marti

    Pretty sure I sent this Irish blessing to you last year on your birthday. It is such a grand quote that I would like you to have it again this year! Glad that your birthday was wonderful.

    Happy Birthday dear Dee. “May you dance forever joyful in the sweet warm rain of life”.

  2. RainSluice

    What great news about final edits and a great birthday!! who made your cake? who made dinner? all to savor and soak in for at least a few days? I see interesting new variations in your collages – very cool bold lines and delineations.

      1. RainSluice

        oh jeez. I imagine you having a good laugh together. I made Dan’s birthday cake this year and it was really awful. I mean we threw it out 🙁 glad there weren’t any guests.
        And today (Valentine’s Day) is our 20th Valentine’s Day together. We are in the Catskills, the well pump is frozen and I forgot to bring eggs and we had no onions to bring. Could be worse! We have bacon and an operational wood stove *and* electricity. We are going to stick out for a warm Wednesday. On Wednesday we’ll wash dishes and take showers :0 🙂 🙂 hearts and more hearts to thee!


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