A little color

A little color to break the silence.

View while writing this morning

Just catching my breath between dog walk and writing workshop, so I have to be brief.

Sharing screen shots here to give you a sense of how some digital collage goes. Variation after variation. Layering one layer on top of another. A small sampling!

This week the exercise served as a way to process the news. I like the versions, like the one above, that make trump spawn and in-law look like monsters. Because they all are monsters. In fact, the hearings could be described as: Monsters on Parade. Even the so-called good guys are monsters — for having supported the Monster-in-Chief in the first place and for keeping a damaging silence in the intervening months for another.

PCC image for the week

I’ve been critical of Maureen Dowd over the years, but she wrote a good opinion piece this week using Frankenstein story as reference.

5 thoughts on “A little color

  1. RainSluice

    Love this whole thing. You got that layered luminosity going gorgeously and with power. Or even better: counter-power-power (?)Those white lines speak to me of those old pre-digital-bad-reception b&w bars (there must be a word for this?). Your visual message(s) are picture perfect. Yes, indeedy: “Monsters on Parade”. Thankfully we have gardens, and art. I’ll IG post my latest blooms. xxoo

    1. deemallon Post author

      Your garden looks lovely this year, too! I don’t know what those poor-reception TV bands are called. It’s one of the Diana app filters I have never used but for this series it was apt.

  2. Marti

    For those who get kicked out of the NY Times, as I do, since I don’t have a subscription, The Irish Times had Maureen Dowd’s’ op piece on June 13, 2022:


    Red is the color of the hour: This morning, i transplanted my gorgeous blood red almost maroon and green Dragon Heart coleus into two pots. One into a simple green plastic pot, the other into my Kokopelli Pot.

    We need to have dragon hearts to face the everlasting aftermath of this traitorous terrorist ex-President.

    And I look at your red onions and I think of alchemy.

    Red onions plus a copper pot plus a splash of vinegar plus water = the color green.

    Green is my color of hope.

    Righteous anger plus steeliness plus the acid aftertaste of Jan. 6th plus tears shed = justice if the Jan 6th committee has the heart of a dragon. and refers their findings to the DOJ!..

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks for Irish Times link. I know as a NYTimes subscriber I can gift a few articles a month but I haven’t figure out how to do that yet.

      Your coleus sound beautiful.

      Dragon hearts are a necessity. I agree! The coup is so not over.


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