Pictures from the attic

Two things happened. First, we scheduled a vent cleaning. In order to give the workmen access to our upper furnace, we had to clear out one side of the attic. We found old papier-mâché animals, high school papers, a Build-a-Bear pillow from one of the boys’ birthday parties. There was a batch of pictures, all framed.

Second, we got word that K’s brother would stay with us for the weekend. Time to tidy one of the boys’ bedrooms!

That’s when I decided to resurrect one of the stowed-away pictures.

Before C was born, my mother painted this tropical reef scene for his nursery. We hung it immediately and loved it for years, but then put it away. Why exactly, is opaque to me now. Were the colors too juvenile or did the Marvel posters compete for space?

It was with a mixture of pride, longing, and love that I put the painting back on the wall. Hello, Mom!

16 thoughts on “Pictures from the attic

  1. RainSluice

    You should be very proud! Sounds like a day for savoring good things, good memories and the good in the great people in your life… including family 🙂 lots of love to you!!

  2. Marti

    When we have a treasure made by a member of our family, we have such a tangible sense of our family history and story. Your Mom’s gift to her grandchild is such a dear, loving gift. Her painting is exquisite, her attention to detail, the soothing colors. The British have a wonderful expression to denote very special items, “pride of place”…Your Mom’s painting could not be more special and once again, has its “pride of place.”

  3. Saskia van Herwaarden

    wow, your mother sure knew about painting and even though I’m not really into fish I love this painting, it reminds me of old school wall plates: Life in the Oceans, WoodLand WildLife, Lost Mayan Trails… cetera


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