The hokey pokey

The school next door’s camp festivities today involved very loud music and an electronic bullhorn (to talk to about 40 kids, mind). Some kind of line dance. There were the usual irritations, too — leaf blowers (against the law in the summer here), garbage trucks, and not one but two near neighbors with hired hands running power tools all day.

LA pine

I’ve just pulled out the wireless earbuds and feel wrung out, relieved.

Same pine at night

The good news is that the heat broke. Now that it’s quiet, I can open all the upstairs windows again.

Digital collage
PCC prompt from last year
The overlay leaf patterns: also a PCC prompt

I’m just scrolling around looking for tree photos.

Angel Oak, Sc
PCC solitary tree plus photos and quilts of mine
Around the corner from here

10 thoughts on “The hokey pokey

  1. Jen NyBlom

    I hate human activity noises. Sunday morning we were eating breakfast on the screen porch, enjoying the sound of dove calls and our ding-dong neighbor starts trimming his hedges…at 7 am.
    I wish I could live isolated just enough, to not hear other humans.
    I miss the serenity of Mother Nature.

    ( We have live oaks, but none anywhere near the Angel Oak!!)

  2. Nancy

    We hear not only our own gardeners, more than once a week…but the ones next door…all right outside our sliding door. Ah, life in town.
    Today at work, the loud trash truck scared one of my littles like crazy, he literally jumped on my lap and climbed up my body (not to notice that about three other children were surrounding me!)!!
    All of these photos are wonderful, as is the quote. I’d safely say that this group of collages are by far my favorites of yours. So I wonder why that is? The subject of tress (also so close to my heart)? The sense of calm they portray (and I need)? Just the simple beauty? Perhaps because they do not challenge my tired brain? At any rate…Go Dee!

  3. Liz A

    processing noise is exhausting … but likewise, deadening the noise with earplugs (or in my case, by turning off my hearing aids) makes one strain to hear what needs to be heard … maddening

    I do like the branch coated with yellow lichen … and the pair of floppy hats at the end

  4. Hazel

    What a day! Wondering if you cried over the milk? It’s actually silent-ish here for the moment, hoping you’ve got some of the same going on. Love the collage with tree and birds.


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