Thirteen days

And he’s negative! Only the test could tell because he’s actually more stuffed up now than when he was sick with Covid. Seasonal allergies have hit.

This “Covid suite” aka “wreck-of-a-bedroom” will get turned back into a peaceful place today. No screens. Will run fans and air purifiers all day.

The TV was one we got for my sister. K assembled that rocker from a Shaker kit (wove the seat and back and stained and waxed the wood). That was before we got married and it’s nice to remember. Usually the rocker is hidden away for lack of a good place and if that’s a metaphor for our marriage, I don’t want to think about it.

In other news, we hired a crew to paint the house. If you knew what a DIY-household this is, your jaw would hit the floor.

We get to luxuriate in having things done for us — long overdo maintenance, at that — and to enjoy a task that gets started and finished in the same week (never mind the same season or decade). It’s also a chance to notice, not for the first time, that abrasive noise is like clutter — it bothers you less when it’s yours.

I’ll work here this morning.

A movie recommendation to end. I love stories about second chances and “I Used to Be Famous” fits the bill. Very sweet.

Kushner snuck in. Do you see his malevolent B&W eye near the left margin?

10 thoughts on “Thirteen days

  1. Liz A

    thank goodness for a negative covid test … amazing that you dodged it

    and congrats on getting the house painted … good to know it’s a limited term engagement 😉

  2. Nancy

    Yay!! So glad he’s come through on the other side! May you remain well too. There comes a point where one actually needs other to do those kinds of tasks. Glad you’ll get the quickness and ease of that! xo

  3. Hazel

    Hooray for the negative test! Enjoyed that movie yesterday, just the ticket for calming anxieties. We are long overdue for house painting…

    1. deemallon Post author

      It seems ridiculously expensive to me but two things. One, they have to replace a lot of rotted sills. And two, since we’re not accustomed to hiring people, we have sticker shock.

  4. Tina

    Woohoo you didn’t get it that really is good news .. sure looks like a comfy sick room. It took me all summer to just paint our back fence but it is done. It did need a lot of scraping and sanding but still. Years ago I could have painted a whole house but not anymore that’s for sure.


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