Face flashback and two notes

First the notes. A friend let me know that there are two kinds of persimmons; oblong /sweet and squat / savory. So the squat persimmon that sat on my kitchen windowsill could’ve been cut into wedges (while still firm) and tossed into a salad. Next time, I’ll know.


Second, I found some cilantro and so decided to modify the Ottolenghi recipe for a Sweet Winter Slaw. It was plenty good without the lime juice (used rice vinegar) or the macadamia nuts (I substituted pumpkin seeds). I skipped the tropical fruits and mint.* Served with a creamy potato leek soup, it was delicious.

And now, faces. They can speak for themselves. It’s not EVERYONE that graced this past year, but quite a few. They all make my life better.

So Happy New Year to them and to you!

4 thoughts on “Face flashback and two notes

  1. Tina

    Nice to see pictures of those closest to you .. bring surrounded by those we love most is the best definition of happiness.

  2. Saskia van Herwaarden

    happy new year Dee, love the family & friends pics, nodding in agreement: life without them is just not worth it!
    p.s. I too write my modifications in my cookbooks, and I try to add the date(s) as well;-)

  3. Liz A

    what a wonderful photo album of shiny happy people

    and thanks for the recipe with your notes … red cabbage slaw with grilled pork is on the menu tonight, so I’ll make good use of it!

    wishing you and yours good health and much happiness in the new year


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