It’s snowing

I dreamt I was on a cooking show. I couldn’t find a spoon or a bowl or eggs and I had to make Yorkshire Pudding. Time kept sliding past. I had nothing to show. I can’t get an F, I thought. I’ll make a sandwich!

One of THoSe dreams.

Maybe the dream was informed by a stretch of intense editing. I deleted two more chapters. I’m back to tracking word count. Recently, sliced out nearly 1,000 words.

Time keeps sliding past.

Some pretty snowflakes are falling right now, but yesterday was rain, rain, rain. There’s been a lot of rain falling this “winter.”

I found out that The Sketchbook Project’s library is closing its doors in Brooklyn. There’s a narrow window in which one could sign in, pay a fee, and request the return of your booklet. I submitted two, years back.

I couldn’t even sign in. Had the right everything. I know it. When I can’t sign in somewhere I usually don’t have that confidence.

I may try again but if I can’t get in, eh. I gave them up once, it shouldn’t be that hard to let the status quo reassert itself.

Paris Collage Club effort that used a Sketchbook Project page as a layer

This link may or may not work.

I had to copy it into my search bar. ALSO, there’s a Sketchbook Project tag on the sidebar.

9 thoughts on “It’s snowing

  1. RainSluice

    Yes, your link to the sketchbook project works but I lost my whole reply here by clicking on the link before posting my reply! dammit, another hour down the pooper. oh well… more later!

  2. RainSluice

    Hi again 🙂
    I love how that sketchbook layer works in your collage. Makes it even more otherworldly somehow. I love the grace of the woman’s hand, just out of reach, or rebuffed. I said that better in my response that I lost… if that doesn’t *fry* me (as my mom used to say).
    I can see you on a cooking show, easy! Your dream is hilarious! Last night I dreamt I was with family members I rarely see (some now dead) who were inviting me to play out door games – over and over, different games – but I never had the right shoes on.
    I sent something into The Sketchbook Project that wasn’t very good, as I recall. I did get the T-shirt which I loved wearing. Sad they are closing it, more sad if there was a fire. I have yet to get to that GREAT museum to see anything. I have always wanted to see “The Dinner Party”. I’ll try your link again after I post this way too long response!
    I worked my studio for a few hours today. I’m going to invite people over to the give feedback on my assemblage for the “Our Choice” show coming up in April. It is a difficult note for me to hit: encompassing anger, grief, and the loss of women’s rights without coming off as a whiner or a comedienne. hmmmm
    To create an image that is NOT about the loss of a fetus (which is of course always tragic) but rather an image that is angry about the lives that are lost because of “legal”decisions made based on violent rhetoric and propaganda. Does that make sense to you?
    Since I’m not on IG anymore I really miss the occasional heart or comment for WIP. I may do a blast from my website inviting comments, and I’ll include you. I now have 3 dolls I think will work, including yours. Thank you.
    You have that New England perseverance for weather and for editing – – – impressive!! I get soft about the weather when I’m in NJ. It’s just muddy and gross most of the time and if I didn’t have a dog to walk I don’t think I’d go out much at all. Dan finished the copy editing for my sister’s memoir and I am forever grateful.
    xx – M

  3. debgorr

    I really like the top collage. Link worked for me too. I want to spend more time exploring the site…hope they keep it up. Snow…well, we are getting cold again but no snow in the forecast. Honestly I am good with rain for the rest of the year. Our week of snow was enough. 🙂


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