Hello! It’s cold

Temps plummeting here so I made Finn a coat. It’s already been modified since its debut.

There’s a polar fleece underlayer and a top layer of gorgeous Irish wool. I know, I know. High quality imported wool for the dog?

Well, yes and why not? It’s been sitting in a bin for twenty-plus years. I think my mother gave it to me. Or it was hers and ended up with me. Since this picture was taken, I revamped the neck edge and moved the straps forward. Not ideal but it will work for the next walk in 7 degrees. Going to -10 overnight. Whew!

We went to Colorado last week. Saw the boys. We enjoyed it, our first gathering in EIGHTEEN MONTHS. One evening at the XGames in Aspen was a bit of a scene and memorable, other nights in front of a fire more relaxed (with YouTube offering much better viewing of the boarding events). C had a GoPro camera strapped to his chest on their days on the slopes, so even though I wasn’t skiing, I was treated to video of their descents.

I’m proud to say that we shopped the first day for what seemed like a huge amount of food, but we very nearly consumed it all. Except for the acorn squash. For some reason, on no night did I feel like stuffed acorn squash. I brought them home in my suitcase!

Our flights out of Aspen were cancelled because of a localized storm, so we ended up driving to Denver. Everyone made it home safe and sound. And no, the passes through Loveland and Breckenridge were not the white-knuckling, guard-rail-free nightmares I was anticipating.

I will never not be amazed by flying. That’s one of the Great Lakes above. K and I got four upgrades to first class. Sigh. The end of an era, since his Global Services status is due to expire. He may try to squeeze a couple of trips to China in before he retires, but given the ferocity of their Covid outbreak, it’s a problematic idea.

You used to have to quarantine upon arrival in China for seven to fourteen days, depending. Even if you quarantined in one city, say Beijing, you’d have to quarantine all over again if you traveled elsewhere, say Shanghai. They’ve dropped those requirements.

It is so odd how China went from imposing the most draconian disease management protocols to having none at all. In our country, we seem to be suffering from a similar lack of will — or is it delusion? Covid is no longer an emergency? Oh really? Is that why 2,000 to 4,000 Americans are dying EVERY WEEK, not to mention the drastic effects of Long Covid beginning to be documented to a horrifying degree?

Two men behind me on the flight home coughed the entire trip.

17 thoughts on “Hello! It’s cold

  1. Nancy

    Wow Dee, that’s so cold! I give you gobs of credit for getting out in that weather. It is practically a heat wave here in comparison 🙂 40 degrees and I’m chilly! Ha. SoCal gal, for sure.
    Your views from above are amazing. It must be so amazing to spend time with your men. May you all remain well after your adventure. xo

  2. Joanne in Maine

    My lunch buddy’s husband who hardly ever leaves the house has COVID and is now well into his second and even third week. My friend now has it.. They have no idea how they got it….but both are very sick.

  3. RainSluice

    OMG you were at the X-GAMES?? You got a remote-parent-experience(s) from your offspring on their descent? they did the course(s)? what!? I am green with jealously, whatever it was.
    (ok, so, I had to lookup what the X-games are
    and very soon I’ll be watching their videos b/c I am so F*ing STOKED to see the X-GAMES).
    ***I’m so proud to be even just associated with you****.
    And because I’ve known you for so long, I’m just going to say it: the men in your life are truly awesome – they certainly know what makes you happy. SO COOL. u r da BOMB, MOM-Dee!!

    My dog’s sweater is not ready in time – I’ve been trying to make not slide to one side.. Finn’s is amazing! He looks understandable proud and warmer and more stylin’ than any other dog in the area. My dog is green with jealousy and we are heading out to walk now at the warmest yet windiest part of this day (26degrees). That’s cold for NJ – and with the wind off the Delaware River, I’m procrastinating… gotta go.


    1. deemallon Post author

      The boys did not participate in the XGames, to be clear. Those athletes are world class, many Olympic gold medalists. We stayed near Snowmass and the guys did all their skiing, boarding there. The XGames are actually at Buttermilk but I guess because Aspen is better known and it’s near Aspen they just say Aspen.

  4. Laura

    My son’s FIL is an anti-vaxxer, anti mask… Now very ill in ICU with Covid, after having my son and his family for a BD celebration at his house. I can’t say out loud how I feel.

  5. Marti

    Wonderful to see photos of your sons and especially lovely that you all got to spend time together. Last night’s weather report on the TV spoke of the cold in the Boston area and I felt the chill…sweaters, ski caps, wool socks, hot toddies, cocoa, bubbling soups, fondue with crusty bread, good hot salsa and chips,blankets, a roaring fire in your fireplace, may you have all of these in abundance.

  6. Liz A

    what a great find that heart collage is … and GFI … go for it?

    frozen pipes in Massachusetts?! … and a shattered window is downright scary … may you be safe

    I share your amazement at flying … love to look out the window, although I rarely take the window seat … and to be with your kids … well, that’s the best

    1. deemallon Post author

      I looked up GFI. There’s an outlet called GFI for ground fault interference. It looks like something a utility company might have inserted but I have no idea.

      We’ve had frozen pipes before. Luckily no bursts. What’s weird is that the pipes that freeze run through interior and not exterior walls.

  7. Tina

    How fun seeing your very handsome grown sons knowing that you all got to have some fun times. Your pictures from flying high are great .. glad you made it back home safe. Terrible that you came home to such cold 🥶 cold 🥶 weather.. yikes!!


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