Spring is near

The rake is cold in my hands, the absence of gloves testament to how often a gardening task happens without forethought.

I hear my oft-repeated assertions of the last several weeks: “I’m not gardening this year. I’m just not.” If there was a sound track for a husband’s eye rolling, I’d insert it here.

Every year, the satisfactions make themselves known and why do I forget? — the soothing rhythm of movement, the visible results, the smell of dirt.

Yes, lots of plants have suffered lately, particularly newly planted shrubs, making investments rather less than ideal. Will it be mind-meltingly hot again this year? Will the body find itself pleading with the heavens for rain?

I could spend an entire summer caring for what’s here and filling a few containers with annuals. I think that’s what I mean by “not gardening.”

We’re supposed to get some more snow, a right nor’easter heading toward the Cape, heavy accumulation predicted for west and south of here. So after I cleared the sedum of dead leaves, I thought the better of it and slid back a protective layer. They’re hardy buggers, but still.

I think Finn can smell the storm coming.

The sky already wears its snowstorm grey.

And we have snowstorm-worthy leftovers for today.

Finn barks. The day calls.

7 thoughts on “Spring is near

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you! I doubt we will see much snow or slush here and since we’re a long way from the coast, the high tides and flooding won’t impact this neighborhood.

  1. Nancy

    This is a great post Dee. Love the short poetic writing style. “The rake is cold in my hands…” sound like the beginning over-narration to a PBS murder mystery! Love that. We smiled at Finney-boy sniffing something out – whatever is ‘on the air’. 🙂 We’re supposed to get rain tomorrow. We’ll see. I really like how each leaf shape is so unique and really shows up against the light. So beautiful. Our table is a huge jungle right now! I wonder what is under the crust…but, of course, I could just eat the crust and be happy too 🙂
    Thanks for brightening my morning today.

  2. Liz A

    I’ve been away and have two things to thank you for … a great read in The Dictionary of Lost Words … and the idea to make chicken pot pie for my daughter and her family …


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