A still life or two

After reading Hazel’s recent blog post about how much magic dwells in the simple arrangement of beloved objects, I snapped a few pictures.

Fabric bowl by Tina Zaffiro
Medicine Bag by Nancy Erisman
Painting by Maggie Rose

And speaking of Hazel . . .

Virginia Woolf, clay house from Etsy, collage on lightbulb packaging by me

7 thoughts on “A still life or two

  1. Hazel

    Well, isn’t this all delightful! That first photo is my favorite- shimmering teal and silver. Happy sigh. Always fun to see a piece of the past, thanks.

  2. Sue

    Beautiful reminder of the cameos cast all about your house, a visual treat, not unlike still-life paintings.

  3. Nancy

    To see your treasures and how you’ve chosen to place them…art indeed! The photo with the dish of rusty bits and an acorn could be over here at my place! Ha Love seeing through your artistic eye 🙂


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