Friday round up

Finn says: Happy Friday! I say: Fuck Off Anderson Cooper!

The smoke alarm went off for no apparent reason in the wee hours last night. I was glad my husband was home, even though he didn’t know why it went off or how to make it stop. It just stopped. I was just glad.

Can you see Finn at the door? He’s looking at me and I’m looking at my two new iris plants. Blooming this morning! Project Structure ongoing. I’ve moved many clumps of errant echinacea and potted up even more for a friend. This weekend: wandering ferns to get new homes (not the ones visible here but the ones crowding a new azalea bush).

Treats from India

One night while K was away, a pack of coyotes exploded into a yipping and howling cacophony over at the school. Woke me out of a dead sleep. At first I thought it was a pack of teenagers because we get those too, but no.

Photo by my neighbor

Once they dispersed, Finn dashed to the front hall windows and howled in a way I’ve never heard him do before. Bark-bark-hoowwwwl. Over and over, urgent and insistent. They must have passed in front of the house.

We also have turkeys and red-tailed hawks and an impossible number of rabbits.

I went for a tetanus shot yesterday and then left without getting it. Last one was 2016. Expertise varies about whether a cut from a rusty object warrants another booster before the standard ten years is up. I got fed up with the rigamarole. And anyway, it’s a small cut that I’ve kept very clean. Dr. Billy, my brother, didn’t think it necessary.

Some might not mind if my jaw locked up.

Meanwhile, the day before I had the chattiest mammographer ever. We bonded over being short. Laughing, I said I hoped that meant she wouldn’t have me on my tiptoes practically hanging by a clamped boob from the machine. It HAS happened.

I leave you with a mystery. See that thread crumbs shop moon? I didn’t put it there. That shelf is 18 inches off the floor. A few days earlier, I found it under the table next to an unruly puzzle piece. It seems to have a mind of its own. What’s it up to?

14 thoughts on “Friday round up

  1. Tina

    Hello from NC here visiting my sister .. I know you know how wonderful that is. Love all your everyday things posted along with all great pictures. Yikes coyotes .. that would scare me plenty. And always love seeing pictures of your beautiful garden. Have a wonderful weekend .. pls know how very much you’re appreciated in so many ways. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  2. Kris

    HI DEE! I was happy to hear AC’s response. Fuck CNN for setting up such a shitshow of an interview. I wasn’t going to watch the interview and finally did yesterday. It was such a stilted setup and I was nauseated after watching it. AC’s remarks made me think we have to face this very bad man head on. The town hall was not really the way to do it. He needs to be STOPPED. He very well might be re-elected and that is unfathomable.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I felt literally sick after about six minutes. So did a friend of mine. You make three. Trump is in fact literally sickening. The set up was a rally, not “coverage,” which is why Cooper’s scolding was so obnoxious. So far it appears the press has learned nothing from 2015-2016 and the stakes are even higher now. I’ve heard the election will be “won in the margins” by as little as 50-70,000 votes. Unbelievable — which is why this new wave of third party enthusiasts have to be viewed as chaos agents not at all interested in preserving democracy.

  3. Nancy

    Oh my goodness…that has been my cry All Along…the media is contributing to the mayhem! It’s so frustrating…and yes, they’ve not learned a thing, which makes this very scary.
    You fabrics are so pretty, interesting…you! I can see them in a piece of yours 🙂
    We had iris’ at the old place and it was such joy to see them come up each year (all while doing nothing!) It’s nice to see your garden.
    As J. said, Finney wanted to go wild, didn’t he? A small howling Finney-Boy in the bottom right of your amazing collage would sure tell that part of the story!!! haha I sure like this collage – filled with drama and mystery!

  4. Saskia van Herwaarden

    our old Django howls occasionally when there’s a bitch in heat nearby….it sounds oddly melancholic, comforting and wild, very earthy

  5. Liz A

    I listened to Mara Gay righteously declare that Trump is getting too much coverage while sitting on set at MSNBC covering Trump … then grumped to Don (yet again) that the Times gave him entirely too much coverage back in 2016 (recalling how I used to count how many headlines Trump’s name appeared in compared to Hillary’s) … and now they’re all doing the same … giving him way too much oxygen … as am I by virtue of writing this rant … last night I just turned off my hearing aids and read a book (which wasn’t all that good, but it was better than the endless loop about the gall-worthy CNN town hall)

    on a much brighter note, where did you get those gorgeous block printed cottons? I would love to have a good online source

    1. deemallon Post author

      I hear you about the problem and how circular it is. Of course one of the reasons for the outrage about what CNN hosted was that it can’t reasonably be called “coverage.” They simply platformed him. I wish someone (Marc Elias? The DOJ?) could sue CNN for an improper campaign contribution.

  6. debgorr

    Catching up….love your collage with the threadcrumb moon. And…if your jaw locks up at least you still have your fingers. 🙂


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