Three feels like six

California time.

It’s weird to watch Nicolle Wallace at one. Been waking at four something or five since I got here and then wondering why I’m so hungry at nine a.m. Usually my clock turns around sooner.

There have been sightings of three Great Horned Owls above the gully behind Billy’s place. A beautiful hawk perched on his western-most fence post two nights ago, scanning for lizards.

Got to see C yesterday. I was dreading the introduction to his new tattoo but I actually liked it — a very geometric beetle with a body about four inches long. It’s just below and behind one knee. Thank goodness it wasn’t another female demon vomiting blood (I kid you not).

Things are blooming around here, as you might expect. All that rain! Hills normally gold and brown are waving with verdant grasses and wildflowers.

I really really saw why Birds of Paradise are called that this morning.

WordPress just wigged out on me — a bouncing keyboard. Really weird. I tried turning phone off. Then on. Tapped away trying to snag a command. Finally caught a save. But I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

9 thoughts on “Three feels like six

  1. Nancy

    Love your flower pics. Great minds think alike…I was doing this today too 🙂
    Funny to think you are so close…same weather, air quality…
    Enjoy your SoCal time.

  2. deb

    I always have trouble thinking about being in another time zone. I’d have to ditch my phone. The growing stuff! You could well be on another planet.

  3. Liz A

    it was a perfect winter for wildflowers … so glad you’re getting to see some of the superblooms … and yeah, I can barely manage a one hour time change so three must be mindblowing

  4. Hazel

    Such wonder and colors! You’ve stirred up a childhood memory of a coffee table book of Birds of Paradise. It was at the library, and I would often pull it off the shelf to gaze at the beautiful photos.

  5. Tina

    We had a huge Bird of Paradise in our front yard in Hawaii .. yes the vibrant orange and purple made it soo beautiful. The thing I remember is how long they would last in the vase on our dining room table. My mom was always big on having fresh flowers on the table. Looks like you’re having a good time.


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