Still going… and wondering what all I’m trying to say to myself. Something good, I think, about there being so much, who we can be, and the choices we might make. ~Hazel at Handstories

Sometimes it’s hard to keep going with social media. So much is about tapping a beat and when the beat stutters, it can be hard to get it back. Then you wonder, Why? Why do I do this? That’s why I appreciated Hazel’s sentiments so much this morning.

In California for another two weeks. Body has made the turn. Soccer will be on all day. Nina will come and clean. Pork chops and apple crisp are on the menu. I hope the sun comes out. It’s been iffy.

We haven’t heard the Everton song yet. Their fans are CRAZy!

That’s all, really. Lila and I will head up the hill. She’s very opinionated and I defer to her. Don’t want to turn down Mayo? Okay, we’ll go straight. Don’t want to continue up the path past the gopher holes and eucalyptus trees? Alright, we’ll turn around. I don’t know if there is aversion involved (coyotes are a real possibility) or if she just reaches a point where she’s had enough.

We should all feel such ease about turning around don’t you think? Even if it’s mid-route and others have different ideas?

She, Lila, is the heart of this household. She came as anxious dog — still hides under the bed when the fireworks start, probably barks a little too much — but she has calmed down into a lion-like regal being. So much dignity! There are many striking things about her, but one is how she vocalizes when being pet. Sometimes I swear she’s purring!

Saw the boy again yesterday. We called home. Watched soccer (what else). Ate apple crisp (yes, today’s batch will be the week’s SECOND). And then he went off into his future — more immediately, to hear music in Santa Monica.

Lastly, I must express gratitude to the women with whom I regularly write. What would I do without them? This week, all three groups convened and it turned out to be an important place to note what’s happening here. Life after a stroke.

Truth is, it’s always good to note what is happening here.

And in that vein, if you haven’t read Deb’s blog lately, a recent post was a satisfying example of noting what’s happening. Life with Charlie.

8 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. Nancy

    “We should all feel such ease about turning around don’t you think? Even if it’s mid-route and others have different ideas?” Or to feel okay just stopping or pausing. You have me considering what all we give ourselves permission to do/be. I love her crossed paws! I once intimately knew a German Shorthair, named Timber who had this same at rest position. Always charming.
    I don’t think I realized that you were to be here this length of time. How lucky for all involved.
    May your ‘right nows’ be filled with contentment.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Hi Nancy. There is something charming about a dog crossing her paws. Timber. What a great name.

      Stopping and pausing is good too.

  2. Hazel

    Lucky Lila to have such an understanding companion in you. And today was a day that I made myself weary trying to figure out a direction and why… Grateful for Lila’s calm soothing face and the thought of apple crisp.

    1. deemallon Post author

      The new directions I’m seeing on your blog and on Instagram are full of whimsy. Very grounded in storytelling. I love them.


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