Smoke and grief

That sky is not filled with clouds. It’s filled with smoke. K and I managed a walk around the lake without feeling any harm, but I talked to one friend who has to stay indoors because her chest hurts trying to breathe this air.

We’ve been hard at gardening for the last hour and I think I’m done. It’s hot. It’s muggy. Gardening is satisfying and worthy of reporting but that’s not why I’m here today.

I’m here to say how much grief I feel about the Supreme Court going rogue.

Should I drape the house in black cloth? Wear my clothes inside out? I want to tap “SOS” in Morse code to the heavens.

When we lose a loved one, we cover mirrors, wear black armbands, attend a service, and pray (and by “we” I mean other people). There are many reasons why, but two good ones are to share the burden of it and to signal our loss to complete strangers.

What can we do now?

(What a day for Elmo Musk to institute bizarre viewing limits. Twitter might finally be broken. His timing feels intentional. Sharing outrage with like-minded people online is not nothing.)

There have been conservative courts before. There have been really bad decisions. Really bad. But the level of disregard for law and fact and basic procedure has reached epic proportions. Worse, this flagrant disregard is being wielded in service of Christian Oligarchic Nationalism.

I want to drape my house in black. Wear my clothes inside out. Tap SOS to any angels in the area.

If I were an influencer I’d start the hashtag: SCROTUS.

As Joyce Vance says at the end of her Substack entries: We’re in this together.

10 thoughts on “Smoke and grief

  1. Nancy

    How can so much get so wrecked all at once?!! It’s hard to keep up (if one wants to). I can barely investigate one thing before I’m scattered off to understand something else. Exhausting. Sad.

  2. Rainsluice

    “Hub” sends a little $ to Patreon for Allison Gill’s something or other. This allows us a zoomed “happy hour” with her on Friday nights. She validates my anger and levels my expectations.
    We’ve been listening to “Jack” (nod to your corgi dog, may he rest in peace) and “Daily Beans”. We only listen while driving. I find Jack (Smith) totally fascinating. How complex the law is as well as how solidly she knows where to cast doubt, what questions to ask, what things “we will never know”. To change SCROTUS, we must to vote out the Republicans. Even the good ones say the will still vote for Trump. Even the good ones will be pressured to pardon the criminal indictments and further destroy what progress has been made in this country since the civil war.

    1. deemallon Post author

      It’s good to find a podcast you like. I listened to AG all through the Mueller investigation and more lately she’s been a real ballast against the Garland naysayers. I’ve listened to a few Jacks. Also like The New Abnormal and Sisters in Law.

  3. Rainsluice

    I like Sisters in Law, too,. Will checkout The New Abnormal, thx!
    It is all so fast and confounding, and hypocritical. Feeling lost and sad. Love your photos. Love your reels on insta.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Be warned (Since who has time to listen to all this stuff?) I skip the chitchat and all the ads with my 30 second fast forward button. SIL I routinely skip the first 8 minutes.

  4. Joanne in Maine.

    I am thinking colleges et all could just remove the block in any admission forms that have to do with race. Just not ask. Just not answer. Let race be something that does not matter anymore. We are human. period.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Unfortunately part of being a white human in America is internalized racism and an as-yet course corrected ugly history of slavery and Jim Crow terrorism. To act like we live in a colorblind society now is as ridiculous and it is outrageous (I’m thinking of Chief Justice Roberts now).

      I am reading about work around a though. One at UC Davis Med school, where they apply a hardship rubric and in doing so have double the number of Black students.

      All these important considerations will be tacit now.


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