What a difference

a day and twenty degrees makes! Yesterday’s dog walk was a sweaty chore of endurance. Today, a graceful breeze met our backs.

Photos from last week’s stay in Rockport follow. We were on the third floor of a pretty basic hotel situated right on Town Beach. High tide practically licked the foundation. The ever-chilly Atlantic was not as heart-stoppingly cold as usual, so we swam several times.

We were so well-situated with the beach out front and Bear Skin Neck a short walk away that we didn’t ever feel the need to schlep to Good Harbor or Wingaersheek beaches (parking is $30 now and Good Harbor requires a reservation!)

So we walked a lot, read on the beach or on our little balcony, drove to Farnham’s for clams late one afternoon, and otherwise relaxed.

Right effort.

We saw a huge thunderstorm our last night
Mill Pond dating back to 1700
Witch House — there’s always one
Some consider this house “Motif #2”. Ha!
Finn loved our dog sitter. Can you tell?
From an earlier stay near this beach. Two tow-heads!

16 thoughts on “What a difference

  1. saskia

    oh that last image, tears well up
    as a mother of 2 boys i see self all those years ago
    your vacation looks perfect, if i’m honest i’m not very good at holidays and ‘relaxing’ tho i’m always saying i need a break and ought to relax, the husband is very good on both counts
    weird how we choose our partners….anyway lovely images of what i imagine was a lovely break from daily routine!

    1. deemallon Post author

      There was an overlay of nostalgia that was occasionally hard to take because of those memories.

      This place was not a usual choice. I usually look for privacy, a well-equipped kitchen, a little charm. So there was something satisfying in a hokey choice working out so well. The fact that their Wi-Fi sucked meant I spent less time reading news than I would have otherwise. That made a difference too as far as relaxing goes.

  2. Elizabeth

    Gorgeous pics, Dee. I felt like I was there with you. Sounds so relaxing. How sweet you could walk to the water and swim. Loving the precious memories — the boys! Two tow-heads and the beauty of New England.

  3. Stephanie

    I feel refreshed just looking at your pictures. Finn is darling as are your two little fellows.

  4. Nancy

    Dee~ You’ve really take & gathered here some beautiful photos! $30 dollars? $30 bucks?? You had me dashing off mid-post to see what my fav teen & mom days beach now charges ($3-$10 in the summer). Anyway, it sounds like an absolutely lovely vacation. Finney Boy sure looks happy! That thunderstorm pic is truly magical! The Mill Pond pic reminded me that J. thinks it funny when I sing “Down By The Old Mill Stream” – all of those added asides crack him up and satisfy my love of word play. Anyway, your Mill Pond has sure been around a long time…that and the Witch House & the Motif #2 house (I can see a superficial resemblance) remind me of the difference in the East and West as far as Living with History goes…so much old history there.
    Last but not least, what a precious photo of you and your boys!! 3 beauties. ❤️

    1. deemallon Post author

      It’s easy to forget how old things are in the northeast. Nothing like Europe of course but Salem? Marblehead? Parts of Boston? Very old. The house next door was built in the 1700’s. Our house was built in 1810 to serve as its barn. Old!

  5. Tina

    That last picture priceless!! Loved all the pictures you posted .. looks and sounds like you had a perfect vacation.

  6. Marti

    The shadow photo of you and K, together; your quiet loving assured look as you share your love of words with you darling boys-a whole world wrapped up in two photos…

  7. deb

    An hour away? I seethe with jealousy! If I think about how far I am from the wet heartbeat of the ocean (six hours east or south) I get anxious and stare critically at my pool. I loved every image and cried at the last one.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yeah you are far inland. It’s amazing we don’t go more often. For years we stayed away because my sister lived there (sad but true). Now the dog complicates things.

  8. Liz A

    always when I see pictures like this I long for the scent of the sea … and for the days when we were also but an hour’s drive away … now wondering why we didn’t go more often when we could


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