Fish tank

Paris Collage Collective — visual prompt the peaches

Can I just tell you it’s swampy here? Even when the dew point drops to a tolerable level, the soggy atmosphere and landscape are, well, noticeable.

It’s like living in a fish tank. The sky darkens for the third time today to deliver more rain.

Paris Collage Collective digital collage

I’m not complaining really I’m not. Not when Greece is under water, Libyans search for the dead after two dams burst, and the Atlas Mountains will soon snow on entire communities recently made homeless by an earthquake.

9 thoughts on “Fish tank

  1. Hazel

    Loving the underwater feel of your first image and feeling guilty for the perfect autumn weather here. And really like your owl piece in the last post- all of the shifts in layers and shadows- those wings. I do hope your sister is finding peace and giving you some. It seems my Iowa friend is hanging around here now and then.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Hazel. I’m happy to say that the sun came out today. For the whole day! We may get some winds from Hurricane Lee this weekend. I feel like something has shifted with my sister.

  2. Liz A

    hope you’re on the less-rain side of Hurricane Lee … we finally got a break in the weather when it rained last night … so the temperature is down but now the humidity is way up … ya can’t win for losing

    1. deemallon Post author

      Love it when rain goes right to steam. We will start to get some rain this weekend but the surge and real wind, they’re saying, will be limited to the coast.


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