What to say

Resilience? Continuing in the face of wounding and inept attempts to remedy? The tree is alive.

And then there’s the sky.

And treasures found along the way.

I feel tongued-tied and heartbroken since Saturday. And it keeps getting worse. We can at least feel profound gratitude that Democrats won the presidency in 2020. Holy shit trump is a disease!

Old collages that capture some feelings or preoccupations since October 7 (when IS the law gonna catch up with Kushner? Middle East peace my ass!)

12 thoughts on “What to say

  1. Rainsluice

    I’m for peace and justice. May common sense suddenly strike like lightning from the highest mountains to the deepest valleys.
    That tree with the wire says it all to me. It feels like everything and everyone is hamstrung. Yet where there is life there is hope.

  2. Anonymous

    Heartbroken…yet, we carry on.
    Yes, all things trump are a scourge upon humanity.
    So enjoy your Thots.

  3. Laura

    So much said in a few great images and words. I hear you about Kushner. (And, how many times will Ivanka change her last name? Ms. Complicit watched everything happen.)
    I wonder how many #secrets Trump has sold or given away? We will pay for the Republican joke vote for many years.
    Anyway, I’m glad you shared your treasures found along the way! 💙

    1. deemallon Post author

      It sickens me how many resources are being sucked up by the trumps. All the breath spent talking about them. Even holding him accountable is costing this country (and I hope I don’t need to say that NOt holding him accountable would cost us more).

  4. Liz A

    It seems like “an eye for an eye” is going to be the prevailing sentiment … heaven help the civilians caught in maelstrom that will unfold in the coming days, weeks, and months …

  5. Marti

    An interview on the BBC yesterday with a captain of the Israeli army: When asked about establishing a humanitarian corridor for those Palestinians who do no support Hamas he said, in essence, that of course the soldiers do not want to hurt civilians but they have their orders, their mission and if there is collateral damage, it is not on them but on Hamas..

    .and I think of this phrase, collateral damage. I have felt like collateral damage ever since 2016. I think of attending the Sisters March in 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico when we women were so certain that we could contain the evil from the swamp-lands of Trump and even this is insulting to the word swamp. Instead of containment, we have faced erosion…These are dark times; hatred is so pronounced and disregard for basic human ethics permeates the very air we breathe. The light of hope, for me, is not a steady beacon but continues to flicker, slower and slower and that of course has me adrift and because it does, I find that I have less and less to say, which for me, is not the norm…

    1. deemallon Post author

      I like people who say that HOPE is an act of resistance (Rebecca Solnit) but I agree that it is difficult to maintain. It feels like we are holding on by the thinnest of threads. “Insult to swamps” made me laugh, so there’s that anyway.

  6. snicklefritzin43

    Thank you for providing an ongoing place where hope is visible. In these times of so many contrary challenges, there is comfort in belonging in a circle of hope and faith in action.


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