Thirty three degrees

Today was the last writing session before my week-long civil rights trip. I’m excited and also filled with the usual trepidations of travel.

Also some unusual trepidations. My temporary crown fell out into my hand last week. Minor horror show. Fortunately the retainer with the fake front tooth was ready for pick up. The “flipper.”

(It’s more like a mouth guard with a fake tooth adhered to it).

After months of worrying about the glued crown falling out, I thought I’d be relieved. I wasn’t. It took days to figure out how to insert the thing without causing excruciating gum pain. Also, I couldn’t really eat. Made my weekend visit to the Cape during that spectacular Hunter Moon a bit of a drag.

(Auto correct changed that to Hunger Moon. I should’ve left it).

I have the hang of it a bit better now — proper positioning and cautious eating. The antibiotics are done.

But the rigamarole! In, out, rinse, brush, in, out again. At night switch to mouth guard, then back to the flipper.

So you mean to tell me that I’ll be at some cafe at some civil rights museum and have to absent myself to a bathroom for an elaborate routine of dental hygiene afterwards? Yes. That’s what I’ll be doing. Hoo boy!

(Note: I will NOT be eating ribs in Memphis).

(And here I thought all I was gonna have to worry about was having a place to pee midway through a three hour tour).

I’ve already poured the special mouth wash into my new three ounce bottles (I’m not checking a bag this trip). And earlier today, I went out and got myself a new pocketbook.

My floppy, open hobo bags weren’t gonna work and neither was the messenger bag I adopted from the boys’ left-behind items. I have a black leather purse with pockets and zippers galore but I hate it and it just wasn’t gonna serve this elaborate dental routine.

Oh never mind. Let me just say I really like my new bag.

K had a phone call at five this morning. Jeez. He was still on the phone when I came down, so Finn and I headed out alone. Hat, gloves. Calf-length length down jacket. It’s nice to be warm, to feel prepared. It’s amazing how many years of my life I wasn’t.

Worked on the Owl Quilt today while cruising through reruns of The Closer. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed that show back in the day. A sedative of sorts. I accept the need for that these days.

Finn is snoring and I’ll bid you goodnight!

(Oh thank Christ, you think. She’s done talking about her teeth!)

5 thoughts on “Thirty three degrees

  1. Tina

    I know how much you’ve been looking forward to this trip … I am going to send all my positive energies your way that these dental issues don’t ruin any of it. I really am sorry!! Finding the right travel purse isn’t always easy so I’m happy you found one .. just trying to figure out what to pack can be such a pain especially this time of year.
    Anyway I really hope you have a wonderful time .. I look forward to tagging along in pictures.

  2. Nancy

    Oh travel concerns in addition to teeth troubles! Oy. I hope you enjoy the trip and I so understand a purse that works. Look forward to the stories and photos upon your return.

  3. Liz A

    floppy hobo bags … I love ’em, but yeah, totally impractical when it comes to anything liquid …

    I started to say “enjoy your travels” but caught myself thinking maybe “enjoy” isn’t the right word … so, may your travels bring new insights and be free of all impediments


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