Saturday, 33 years

It’s our anniversary. Here we are in Assisi a few years back.

Don’t enlarge the picture because my eyes are closed and you’ll get a glimpse of the neon crown that started this whole recent dental misadventure.

Content warning! Extreme photo to follow!

(Sorry-not-sorry — there might have been jokes with my dentist about not needing the retainer for travel in Alabama and Mississippi).

Here’s husband hard at work yesterday. It’s one of his virtues. I also work hard but tend to be messier, meaning I often walk away from piles of weeds and raked leaves — not necessarily intending for him to pick them up but generally he does and that’s as good a metaphor for our marriage as any!

Otherwise it’s a day when I am preparing for my trip, boiling eggs (because they’re soft to eat), and planning to make another pumpkin roll for K to enjoy in my absence.

And can I just say — maybe that’s a pretty good metaphor for our marriage as well?

I like being past the fanfare, by the way. We’re well into the “til death so us part” phase. Our plan for today includes picking up curbside a special dinner from Legal Seafoods. Also, since I just read on Nextdoor (it’s good for something, I guess) that a bald eagle’s been spotted over that way, we’ll go over early. Take a look over Hammond Pond for ourselves. That would be special, wouldn’t it? Scallop dinner celebrating 33 years and a bald eagle sanctifying our union?

I picked up this rock on the Cape recently. It’s for him.

19 thoughts on “Saturday, 33 years

  1. jude

    Happy Day to both of you.
    I have to laugh, First teeth…
    but then piles, I sweep and leave piles till later, he always thinks I left them for him.

  2. Marti

    Such a sweetness to the photo of you both in Assisi. I’m always moved to see couples in this pose, protective, loving, adventuring together…33 years together and these celebrations, quiet yet special, move to a rhythm that comes from being together for such a long time. We often laugh on our day and remark on how we are still hanging together on this road called marriage…Happy Anniversary to you Dee and K.

  3. RainSluice

    – Are you getting taller or is he shrinking…? You are an amazing couple and you both knew it when you were just kids. So awesome, the both of youze. Congrats!
    – I leave leaf piles as well, unintentionally, and then find they are swept up! My sweeper always needs a gold star acknowledgment for that task,and that’s deserved. Now I’ll probably have to learn to make pumpkin roll?
    – Toothiness! Oh so glad it’s all been during Halloween. Sorry, tho’ for your ordeal. I’d be in tears. I couldn’t even respond to the full on tooth-post before. That gallows humor 🙂
    – I am confident you will have a great time on this trip, in spite of the non-tooth.


    1. deemallon Post author

      It turns out there is a whole tribe of us leaf-pile-leavers! Awarding gold stars keeps people happy. I demand them for a particularly delicious dinner.

      Not taller. I’ve lost a half inch in fact (but maybe not yet then, in 2019). Next half inch loss will make me 4 foot 11.5” I agree there’s something about this shot. I had a similar double take.

  4. Nancy

    Happy Happy to you two! We’re at 23, not married together…which is longer than the 17 together/13 married of my ex and I which – REALLY blows my mind. I mean I was grown with grown children when we started…how can it be 23 years?? So, indeed…any length of time is something to celebrate!!
    I did a double take on the height as well. I always picture you as 5’6″ (ish). Who knew?! I’ve lost much height over the years from 5’2.75″ in my younger adult years to 5′ flat now. I really notice it…or they make tables taller now 😉
    Enjoy your time together and celebrating you two. I hope you see the bald eagle!
    I thought the rock was a tooth, which really brought this post full circle!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Oh that’s so funny about the rock! We are together 35/married 33/parents 29. It’s different to look at it that way, isn’t it?

      I wonder why you thought I was 5 foot six? Probably because my opinions make up in size for what I lack in stature? 🤓

  5. Liz A

    Spotting a bald eagle🤞and scallops for dinner sound like great ways to celebrate 33 revolutions around the sun together … congrats!!

  6. Tina

    Happy Happy Anniversary … you’re really a funny lady. Don’t want you to think I just figured that out .. I’ve actually known that for some time but don’t think I ever told you that. Have a wonderful trip .. surprised K is staying home.

  7. Anonymous

    Not just side by side but leaning into each other just enough. I always liked anniversaries that were everyday with a little frill.


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