Weekend before TG

I made two kinds of cookies. Tomorrow: the pie doughs and chicken stock.

It’s been chilly. November-like. Raking’s on the agenda again and the usual dog walking.

I painted over the chipped-off paint spots on our stairs earlier and hung a pretty Japanese cloth above one of the boys’ beds. Both bedrooms are dusted and vacuumed and straightened. It’s been a while.

Gonna brine the bird this year.

Wordle pissed me off today.

The end, as LT would say.

7 thoughts on “Weekend before TG

  1. Nancy

    Wow – those flowers & the photo are just gorgeous!! Have a wonderful family time together ❤️ I’d love to see the cloth you hung.
    As for your closing thoughts…I didn’t get the LT part, but J. and I have been having our own WORDLE ideas. And I laughed at your getting pissed off at it! One time, months ago, the answer was “email”. Well, the way our word choices came together…we just could not get there. Yet, when we saw the answer, it was “Of course!!!” Ever since, when it feels tricky, I’ll say that it’s probably “email”!! haha
    It seems that each night the puzzle is either super hard (for us) or BAM – we get it done super quick, so no thrill at all! haha Tonight he figured it out on our 3rd try (but I get to press enter on my laptop 😉).
    We always do it together, as a team…talking it through. It is not as much fun alone and I feel no need to compete with him. Recently, I added a parting game to the game. Once we have come to the correct answer…I tell a little story by using our word guesses, from top to bottom – in order. Many nights the ‘stories’ are clumsy and lame. Other times they are pretty clever. And other times they are hysterical, when he’s thrown in a word I barely know the meaning of!! He has a much bigger/better vocabulary than I do, so it can be a real challenge.
    Thanks to you and other online pals for the introduction, we’ve kept this playful tradition going for months now (almost daily!)

  2. Tina

    I’m going to make a pie crust today .. or let me say try. I’ve made a sweet potato pie before but used a store bought crust .. always a store bought crust and more often the whole pie. This year has been a year with lots of firsts .. so why not. I can do this .. yes I can. I’m so happy you’ll all be together this Thanksgiving … your time together is going to be wonderful filled with so much love and laughter and all that amazing good food. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Marti

    Always look forward to your food pics and words, we eat with our eyes and all of our senses and your photos and descriptions are so filling…thank you for sharing your life in such nourishing and thoughtful ways. To have your sons home this year, is the ultimate gratitude blessing.

    It will be quiet here on the day of thanks and giving. The usual foods, turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, peas with onions but no salad since it usually did not get eaten much and a very small store bought pumpkin pie. Will make my usual Cranberry Nantucket Pie Cake from my dearly loved food as well as regular author Laurie Colwin for Christmas instead. Cranberry sauce is also store bought cause, (grumble, grumble!) for many years I made a glorious homemade cranberry sauce with oranges, pecans and brandy. Finally one year, R looked at me and said, “it’s good but next year could we have the canned jelly cranberry sauce!!”

    As much as food is center stage for this holiday, it is really all about family and friends and although we are not able to be with family this year, we have wonderful memories and terrific ones from a special family Thanksgiving in CA in 2017 at our daughter Erika and son in law Adrian’s home.

    Everyone pitched in to help. The men made sure we had logs for the fireplace but they also carried serving platters etc. Our daughter Shelley and her partner Grant brought wonderful wine, and appetizers. Rowena aka Rowiee and Wolf, our grand kids, (although in those years he went by his legal name of Spencer, he became Wolf when he turned 13), helped me to set the table.. Highlight was stenciling a white tablecloth with gathered dried leaves. They had gone with their Mom around the neighborhood collecting leaves and pressing them in books. We had the best time choosing colors for our painted leaves and the cloth is a family treasure, brought out every year since then. The grands put tea lights into little pumpkins and decorated the large pumpkin that was the centerpiece on the table with more leaves and a dinosaur toy, perched on the top of the pumpkin, the guardian of the table.

    Our granddaughter Rowie designed name/ menu cards that were tucked into cloth napkins. She had asked me to show her how to fold napkins so we did a simple fold, , turning back one corner so the name/menu cards could be tucked inside along with the silverware.

    A special highlight of that day was the toast made by Rich who is a very quiet, undemonstrative man, not given to sharing a lot of words but whose love for family just overflowed, not a dry eye in the house…and that is what this time of thanks and giving is all about: Love, family, togetherness and the creation of memories that wrap around us, enveloping us with deep joy…

  4. RainSluice

    my goodness. I am so impressed with y’all. Today I begin, too. Very easy. I bought a GF lemon meringue pie and mom/grandma/greatgrandma insisted on buying a ready-made turkey. I found (get this) a turkey to order from our local sourdough baker (GF, 48 hr fermentation) and all ’round chef. The bird is stuffed with a fancy sourdough stuffing, and finally wrapped in bacon. Includes GF gravy. No cookies… (sigh) but I’ll make pumpkin muffins, roasted delicatta squash, long green beans, mashed potatoes and a green salad. I’m sure someone will bring ice cream. Have a wonderful time, all! And, Dee, I’m particularly happy you’ll have both of your boys. I bet your home decor is full of artistry and love (a always), but you’ve upped it. Very exciting. Yes, would love to see that Japanese fabric. xoxo

    1. deemallon Post author

      My goodness for a “store bought meal” you sure at making a lot! K’s sister is bringing a Brie in pastry for an appetizer and a green bean casserole. It’s always nice to have help.


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