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Journal Quilt — Boob

13.5" square

13.5" square

This week’s Journal Quilt was inspired (surprise, surprise) by a recent mammogram.  It is black fabric that was reverse-tie-dyed (using Clorox Bleach) and then reverse-appliqued onto muslin.   I stitched mohair onto the surface to resemble the ghost-like tissue visible on the x-ray.  With Heat Bond, I fused the circles and arcs, to represent the markers inserted by the radiologist.  I also fused some brown/black rayon on the surface to capture the irregularity of the tissue being screened.


The main fabric lesson here is not to waste time working the surface of cheap fabric.  This is the black cotton I buy from Joann’s for a lot of my bindings — it does not press well, it does not take a seam well, and as it turns out, it doesn’t bleach all that well, either.

The actual x-ray was much simpler and more delicate.

And yes, I learned, after two sets of pictures and an ultra-sound, that I am fine.