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Mazur drawings with reflections

Mazur drawings in Charles Hotel with reflections by dee at clothcompany

I can’t download today’s and yesterday’s pictures – probably because I made a video and something or other has to be installed first. Does this stuff get easier, I wonder?

So, in spite of the fact that I am reading  “Platform” by Michael Hyatt and thinking my blog SHOULD be more fiber-focused, today I offer this photo. It is a Michael Mazur drawing, hung with five others… all of trees. Very free, powerful lines and shading. But what captivated me on the way in to the Regatta Bar to hear a friend’s son play jazz, was the way the reflection of hotel curtains and rug and inset lamps made an overlay design on the glass. This was MORE interesting to me, I’ll admit, than the nine remarkable blue and white antique quilts hanging not thirty feet away in the stairwell.

Should I be paying attention to this preference, somehow?

Also, I offer a long but compelling On Point interview. The interview is with Elizabeth Cline, who has written a book relevant to many of the things I have been thinking about lately.  It is called, “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion“.  The blog link, “The Good Closet” further addresses some of the issues raised, chief among them – low, low wages for garment workers overseas; pollution; low quality clothing; the lost art of caring for our clothing.