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Plaid door. Satin moon.

After two zoom calls and a dog walk, I had the day to myself, and also the house. I enjoyed going between the ironing board in the living room and the bins of cloth in the basement. Up and down the stairs. It felt like getting back to something I’d been missing and didn’t know how much.

The buttons on this one are coming off — too much like eyes. Whimsical is okay but not distracting.

Composed years ago, this little house quilt was languishing in a pile.

Cloth: plaid flannel — one of the boys’ pjs; wool challis from a scarf that belonged to my mother; luscious indigo strip dyed by me years ago. I can’t remember who wore the dark shirt behind the house, but I’m pretty sure that I bought the vintage hankie (roof) on eBay once upon a time.

Auditioning my barn on a stormy background. The foreground is stitched already, which is the only sewing I managed to accomplish in California.

I just inserted that thread crumb moon this morning. If I keep it, I’ll work some purple into the foreground.

Speaking of not getting much done, I am tired today and don’t even feel like walking the dog.

Yellow arrives out front. Such a cheerful color, yellow!