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Thursday Assisi

A day with spectacular skies. After K’s cab picked him up, I visited the Cathedral of San Rufino and then returned to the Basilica of St Francis where I listened to an audio presentation (the entire thing!) about the frescoes.

Enjoyed the climb back, stopping to buy some lovely linen towels.

Learned a new word today and already it’s coming in handy – gimcrackery.

You cannot belief all the religious gewgaws for sale! Pure gimcrackery!

I actually want one of these.

Lunch out but salad fixings bought for dinner. You’ll see the edge of a book below on Saint Clare. Almost done. She didn’t just take vows of poverty, she became poverty itself. Or so they say.

Started reading a new book (by John Boynes) and got down to work writing as well. Three chapters pruned, refined.

Now I return to San Rufino to observe a ritual involving the removal of the statue of Christ — perhaps in preparation for Good Friday’s procession?

And lest we forget, here’s Saint Francis himself.