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thin places

IMG_7345 Listening to this * yesterday got me remembering the Irish belief that the Other World can be accessed through ‘thin places’ in our world. Thin places are places of transition, or inbetween times.
IMG_7355On this point, from Fire in the Head**:
“For Irish poets, the edge of water — where bank meets river or shore meets sea — is a place of wisdom, enlightenment, and mystical knowledge. Water, fog, mist, and dew have long fascinated the Irish, possibly because the island nation is surrounded by the sea… But any edge or border between elemental realms, any liminal zone between two complementary terrains, or a place where opposites meet is, in the Celtic imagination, a place filled with magic.”

Here is a sampling of ‘Edge Pictures’, some of place, others of time, and a few of both.


New Hampshire, The Flume


Lake Champlain


Lake Champlain


Shaker Workshop, Arlington, Mass.


New Hampshire

IMG_0132 IMG_0419 IMG_0579 IMG_1323 IMG_1646 IMG_1916 IMG_2427 IMG_2467 IMG_2996 IMG_3217 IMG_3233 IMG_3364 IMG_5105 IMG_5338

* (Krista Tippett talking about her grandfather and faith on “The Moth”. Her website is onbeing.com).
** Fire in the Head, Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit, by Tom Cowan