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Meditation on white

PowderI went to the graveyard this morning in search of white* and found, instead — blue, lavender, rose, dun, and periwinkle.

If one OPENS the aperture wide enough, a whitening occurs (an interesting metaphor for the heart), but even with a bleached-out composition, I find: blush, spring green, evergreen, gun metal grey, rose, silver, charcoal, brown, taupe, pale magenta, and blue.


So, I came home and placed an ewer on the snow (‘an ewer’?!!)
Beads-of-waterEven having cropped out the purple shadow that extended off its lower right edge, look at how many shades of white and grey there are to appreciate!

White on white can mean that an object blends with its surround seamlessly.  A joining of thing to ground.


White in all of its worn and buttery variations, above, can serve as a mat for a quilt-in-progress, where an ivory moon stakes a particular claim to purity.

And lastly, just in case you think I am taking myself too seriously, the Injuns that I periodically feature on this blog (and yes, when these plaster fellas were made, I’m sure they were ‘Injuns’) are a study in white, all in themselves, as they weather on the deck.  Here they are, not in the most recent storm, but in the one before last.


I can’t help but think they are mocking me.  In the nicest possible way, of course.

* This post responds to a query asked by Jude Hill in a class that I am taking online.

Late winter vine

“If we focus the fire of our imagination, our own metaphors begin to heat and transform, opening up
new energy channels in the body.  In taking the imaginative leap, we embody
the metaphor.  In becoming the metaphor, we become whole.
The wholeness may not last, but that moment rings like a tuning fork that the cells do not forget.”

Dancing in the Flames – The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness
by Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickson

I had a tooth extracted yesterday, and find myself thinking quite a bit about roots.