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White noise for Writing

People ask, how long do you write? With what implement? How organize files? Research? When really the most important thing is one’s intention.

Nevertheless, let me share some new essential tools. I may have developed misophonia in the last few years or maybe it’s just the same old irritated me, but managing my sound environment has become critical to my well being.

Today? An abutting neighbor’s tree work. A nearby development project blasting at ledge stone. Not that unusual.

Monday? Five yard crews, all but one employing the gas-powered leaf blowers that are banned for the summer. There was no reprieve this year. (I attribute the widespread violations to the prevalence of shameful Karen videos. I certainly stopped approaching crews and telling them they couldn’t/shouldn’t).

And, did I tell you about the roofers who decided to saw up a twenty foot aluminum ladder over the course of two days? Such that the normally fairly benign rat-a-tat-tat of a pneumatic hammer was overlaid with an unbearable metallic percussive roar?


#1 — silicone swimmers’ ear plugs (thanks to Deb for this recommendation).

#2 — big box fan, running ten feet from where I sit.

#3– white noise maker. I mostly listen to rain. I probably could’ve used an app instead of buying a little device. Oh well.

Together, these three tools work amazingly well to shelter me from the absolutely endless noise of my neighborhood.

For the record, I write with medium Bic blue pen in college-ruled spiral bound notebooks or on legal pads. Then I type into a dedicated laptop, as is. Save original then edit a copy. I have saved versions of entire manuscript often. At some point, likely to be deleted.

Every now and then, it’s necessary to print out pages for a round of edits. Editing is just different on paper than on the screen.

Before I send “Edit Two” back to my hired publisher, I plan to print out at least the last 75 – 125 pages where I have made major changes. Just biting the bullet on (outrageous) cost of toner because I still don’t want to go into a retail establishment if I don’t have to.

Oh, and here’s a brag. One of my digital collages was featured on @thedianasblog on Instagram. It’s not the first time. It’s always a teeny thrill.