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Catch up — clean up


We are back after two weeks away.  Ten days house sitting on the Cape in an idyllic setting — just K & me for the first time in 15 years!! — bracketed by two punishing round trip drives to the skateboarding camp in Woodward, PA.   So wanting to bring some of the peace, relaxation, connection, and love of the outdoors back home — to our 1/4 acre yard in the suburbs, and to our home, and to the studio!

By way of returning to the blog, here is the corner, with progress being made. One of the beauties of cleaning up, is unearthing beginnings, like the stamped fabric above.  It had been hidden for a very long time behind one of my large pin boards.


You can still make out the edges of the compass in this photoshopped picture, and below, you can see the floor, where formerly you could not!


If you squint, you can just barely see the piece of fabric with the prayer stamped on it hanging from the mauve-painted cylinder above the white dresser.  The point is, I can now open the white drawers and access all of the shelves.