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Working for selling vs. working to work


Here’s  “Global Warming IV” in progress.  I am ‘letting’ myself work on it, even though I am in the throes of show preparation, and more dedicated than usual to being prepared.


Pricing work, delivering flyers, arranging press conferences, creating press packets, attending meetings, running to Staples, ETC! was making me very cranky…

angry-sushi-cheflike this guy, whom I call the
“Angry Sushi Chef”.


Can’t remember when I spelled this out, but finding it with my camera yesterday seemed rather perfect.  I WISH I had a magic want to eliminate the baggage I carry around, and to make me immune to others’ baggage.  But, I don’t, so I “let” myself work on something that won’t be ready for any of my holiday shows, that will be too big for most of my market, and may NEVER sell.  But what a tonic!  The tasks of piecing and pressing, looking, rearranging, kneeling on the floor… so completely absorbing, I can forget some of the daily irritations that seem to abound of late.



Fabric:  $100
Thread:  $16.00
Machine:  $700
Total absorption:  Priceless.