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Fire and Water – a poem

IMG_3516Fire and Water

Well then imagine the delight
A celebration of their leaving
A real washing gladness
Fluttering wings to spray water there
Unsought, unbidden, unforced
The rightness of their leaving

To overcome the changes,
how the glow highlights a cheek.
All these years
the beach-tired kids pile rocks in a ring

I marshal scant stores of optimism

Under the hawthorn tree
amid spaded greenery
a real washing gladness
unsought, unbidden, unforced.
There, in the bowl, a celebration of light,
a robin! Dusty grey wings
underslung by its carroty-rust breast
The ancient sway of the elements.

Wood lath strapping criss-
crossed. I leave,
to flick off flood lamp, retreating.
The fire takes.
Ageless hypnotic source
softening ribcage, relaxed gaze,
setting down of worry
communal, together by fire
mammals through and through
on the verge of everything.

The seated shadowed young, facing
a crackle. More crackles.
Retreating. I did not expect
to be taken up
ever so needed as it happened
soon to be gone.
Busy but not busy enough
To drive up. His list: clip-on fan,
shower tote. An invitation
to the ancient sway of the elements.

I don’t try to read their expressions
all the things I’ve wanted to do
a place hung together by tired kids
a setting down of worry – remind
me – ascendancy to the deeper
ageless fire, softening of ribcage
evenings and the briny refreshment
The driveway, the shoes in the bin
boy/manhood that over spills
water on a sunny day
on a whim in the front garden
the large glass bowl
its delight flapping,
unsought, as it happened
Scant stores of resolve. Remind me
please. The fire takes. Mammals
through and through
Grass scraped from the center
Kids pile rocks in a ring
The fire takes
Cerebral connections lose to
the deeper sway of the elements.

I don’t try to read their relaxed
gaze. The fire crackles,
highlights a cheek, a place,
a chair appears. His list: a clip-on fan,
A shower tote.
Hunks of citrine and rose quartz
for his new life
cause me to trip
well then imagine the delight
a real washing gladness
unsought, unbidden, unforced
to drive up the next morning and see
boy/manhood wings
signature breast, fluttering wings
The rightness of their leaving
The quiet that will follow
Under the hawthorn
amid the long-spaded greenery
A deduction in other words
dropped, to be taken up, imagine!
An invitation to all the things
I’ve wanted to do –
flick off the flood lamps
setting down of worry
together by fire.

Along the side, he gathers his
A shower tote, a hunk of citrine.
Trip. Worry. Chant. Overcome
the changes fluttering wings
the quiet that will follow
criss-crossed scraped shadowed
unforced red-knotted beads
count them, remind me please, all
the things I’ve wanted to do?
As if the nervous system
ever so needed, a washing gladness
I marshal a wiggle of fire, peer
out the glass, how the glow
highlights a cheek plane
Ascendancy. Their being on
the verge of everything.

the guysWhile it’s true that Toy Story Three will make a parent on the edge of the empty nest cry, I took some satisfaction when this unpolished response to a prompt made someone in my writing circle cry.


A nest right off of our deck in the large Jack Pine on the north side of the house – a delight!! With so many of my friends becoming empty-nesters this fall, I will be bearing witness to the little birds leaving this bough with interest.  C. goes to Europe in July, returns briefly, then flits off himself.  I am glad we still have D. at home, and that I don’t have twins or two children the same age, so as to stagger this absence.

Silly seniors who have known each other (for the most part) since kindergarten:
(My guy is wearing jeans and white T).
Weekend also saw beginning of first of three commissions… this one a T-shirt quilt.  I am going to be efficient!! (she said!!)
I swore I’d never make another of these after the last one, but it doesn’t make sense to turn away paying work, given our situation.  Next one? Noah’s Ark art quilt.  The one after that?  A wall quilt depicting a cattle ranch in Montana.  So there will be some challenges ahead.

Also constructed this breast-cancer-post-op pillow this weekend from a super-soft and pretty purple floral fabric that I believe dates from the 60’s.  The strap would take the weight, so that the wearer does not have to apply pressure with her arm, and it is adjustable, so that it can be snugged up tight into the armpit, or worn lower down.  The best part?  There are about two cups of organic lavender buds in the center section (I used batting in the ‘ears’ and added some navy beans in with the buds to give it a little more weight and texture)… which means that the pressure and warmth of the body will release the heavenly scent of lavender!  This is for my friend’s sister.