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Toodle-loo row houses!

row housesI think I am finished with these. Made quite a few over the years. Sold most of them. There was a formula here that was calming, teachable, and they made terrific use of tiny “precious bits” of fabric. But, no more! Even if I find a half finished strip in my studio, I may let it go.IMG_9644What a concept – letting go… not just of an activity, but maybe also of the compulsion to finish a thing begun.
IMG_9649My flickr site features some of these creations:  Felt and Denim Huts and more general house-themed work here: Houses & Roofs. IMG_9658Here are a few older ones.Spring-VillageRed-Soil-slantfull-moon-fullhouse-pillow-rockersusans-pillowhut-as-holderThe “Purple Moon” at top is for sale. $150. I will list it on etsy by weekend’s end, or you can email me if interested.