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tidying up and gratitude

Sometimes expressing gratitude is a way to tidy up.  It needs doing. And the doing then clears the way for the next thing — surprisingly like the act of straightening the dining room up before a meal, although, since the giving-of-thanks has its own rewards, it is also like the meal! Here are two sources of my gratitude today.

First, as promised, more photos of the beautiful quilt by Saskia.
IMG_7571 IMG_7573I adore those red knots. I love the transparency of the piece and how the ‘back’ comes through to the ‘front’ — something Saskia has been playing with for quite some time. The moons and subtle gradations of color and beautifully placed stitches give off an air of mystery and order, both. Behind the quilt, just past our side fence, grows a majestic copper beech.
IMG_7789 IMG_7795I like how the blue trunk shape on the cloth echoes the real tree growing behind it.
IMG_7523This completely unprompted gift “Indian dyers” and their indigo pots was given to me by a well-traveled friend. It came from somewhere in the Gullah region of South Carolina (which, by the way, makes puzzle at the title ‘Indian’ — I would have assumed the figures to be slave descendants?). I absolutely love it! Thank you, Claire! I will be visiting the very region in less than a month. Cannot wait.